Behind The Scenes: Taking Photographs for the Blog!

Recently, I posted a picture of my new tripod on Instagram and got some responses that led to the creation of this post. I’ve also gotten a few emails of people asking what camera I shoot with, how I set up my shoots, what lighting products do I have, etc. So this post was born, and I hope it helps answer all your questions if you’re a blogger, shop owner, or just want to get better at taking pictures! Disclamer: I’m no expert and this is just my experience and what has worked well for me.

Links & Tips for Blog Photography!


Camera: I have an older version of this Canon Rebel camera. It’s a DSLR camera, and the best thing I ever did for my pictures! If you already own a Nikon, there are similar lenses for Nikon as well – the ideas are the same.

Lenses: I used the lens that came with my camera for a bit but quickly learned about the 50 mm f/1.4 lens. I shoot about 80% of the photos for this blog (and my freelance work for companies) with this lens. It is amazing. There is also the less-expensive 50mm f/1.8 which is a great alternative (essentially the same thing for our purposes). One step beyond that is my macro lens (Canon 100 mm f/2.8). If you want to shoot close ups (very close ups) of food or your products, this lens is a life-saver. I found that my 50mm f/1.4 couldn’t get too super close-up to my subject (ex. a cupcake) and still be able to focus. The lens that came with my kit didn’t provide the pretty “blur around the cupcake” look that is so pretty. Thus, the Canon 100 mm f/2.8. It can literally see dots of nutmeg in a cake (amazing).

Tripod: I used to have this Manfrotto tripod set, (it is great), and it sat in my studio for nearly a year because I felt “chained down” when I first tried it. I didn’t like it one bit. Now, I think it’s the single best improvement-maker to my photography. I feel “naked” without my tripod. Someone once described tripods in this way: they help you “build a shot” rather than “hope you get a good shot”. You can get your angle, then move around props until you love what you see. It ensures CLEAR pictures too. Just trust me! Anyway, I just bought this Manfrotto 055xproB with 322RC2 Joystick and LOVE it. They’re both really similar (the 055xproB can go a bit taller, hold a heavier lens, etc). What I LOVE about both these is that they can shoot OVERHEAD! You know those amazing shots of stationery sets or cookies on a pan that are shot straight down? Yep, these tripods can do that!

Lighting: Natural lighting is best, but I need a little help so I have this set of Soft Boxes. I’m sure any similar soft box set would be fine (you can read the details of it in the product description). The worst thing I have found for shots is only relying on your natural house lighting (which has a yellow cast to it). These soft boxes save my life when it’s dark, rainy, or I need a little extra boost of light. Turn off your house lights. Off, off, off. Use natural window light and a soft box to help (or you can bounce light off a piece of white foam board). Drag a table to the window (see below for my set-up).

Backdrops & Props: This could have its own post but basically – this depends on what you’re shooting. I’m shooting little DIY ideas, party food, and sometimes full tablescapes. I have a studio room as my office with a walk-in attic that contains tons of props. I also created my own backdrops to change out backgrounds. I buy wood from the hardware store and use paints, etc to create backgrounds. Then I use a lot of napkins/fabric (like these from Anthro) and cake stands (I love white because it goes with everything), dishes. Leave a message below if you’re interested in more about this and I’ll do a post on this.

“Accessories”: These are a few things that make my shoot days my favorite days! Comfy clothes for stepping over the tripod, climbing on a stepstool to look down on a shot, etc. Caffeine! Diet Pepsi is always within a few feet away. Music! Chris (hubs) got me this Beats Pill and it syncs wirelessly to my iphone where I have pandora, music, etc. It helps the creativity flow!

Blog Photography Set-Up

The recipe I’m shooting in this post will be posted later so you can see all the pics! 1 pic is below.

This is a picture I took on my iphone today. You’ll see my tripod and camera set in overhead position. This is my breakfast room. I pull out the chairs for shoots. I drag the table closer to the window. It actually looks quite bright but surprisingly it wasn’t, and I had my soft box on just on one side. If it’s dark or nighttime I’ll put a softbox on each side of the table. Then I pick my backdrop (today was a pretty aqua wood board I painted) and my lenses, diet pepsi, cake stand, etc. Let’s note that my room lights are OFF. Get the idea? :)

Food Photography Blog Set-UpThis is a post of the same set-up from above the camera. See? You don’t SEE the laundry, the piles of junk, etc. Ah, the beauty of close-up photography (full tablescapes are trickier for that reason). Now this is food but if you’re shooting PAPER GOODIES (I know some of you are out there), then I would remove the table from the equation. Lay down your background (large white foam board, ironed fabric, etc) and then lay down your paper goodies. Shoot overhead! Then I’d put some of your paper goods to use (put your food tent cards in folded style next to a plate of food and shoot it from a 45 degree angle). If you want more ideas like this — leave a comment below.

Editing: I use Photoshop to edit my photos. I try to take the best photo I can out of the camera to avoid relying on “post-process” because there can also come a time where it gets obvious that a picture has had a lot of “work” done to it (kind of like crazy botox ladies). I usually adjust my layers in Photoshop and that’s it. This is also where I add text overlays to my images. Sometimes I create collages here too. If you want to know more about post-processing, tell me in a comment below and I’ll write more about it.

Here is a quick pic of the shoot seen in this post. The rest + recipe for these will be coming soon.

Samoa Doughnuts!

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