Planning the Big Day: Choosing the Flowers

Planning the Big Day: Choosing the Flowers

Aggh! So I know I’ve been slacking lately on my updates, but things are getting super-crazy now that the big day is less than six months away (deep breaths!!) Well, we most recently met with florists to determine what we want all of our floral arrangements to look like and lemme tell you- this is a daunting task!

First of all- there are  many places you need flowers that you might not think of…it’s not just the centerpieces- it’s the placecard table, the gazebo, the chairs down the aisle…not to mention the contingency plans should it decide to rain during the ceremony (which btw, I REFUSE to acknowledge as a possibility.) Then you need bouquets obviously, and corsages for moms and grandmas…oy the list goes on forever!

Fortunately we found the perfect florist in Laurel Wood Designs…Laurie is a genius! We met with her to go through everything and after two hours of what I describe as giddy shopping (Tom would say something different…haha) I am so incredibly excited about what’s in store. I won’t give too much away, but let’s just say that my unique ideas were reigned in beautifully and the purple and green dreamscape I’m envisioning will definitely be coming to life!

Interesting blossoms. A sprinkle of sparkle. Hints of warm candlelight and a bridal bouquet for the books! This is going to be fun : )



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