Party Feature // Pink Floral Sip ‘n See Celebration

Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures!I‘m excited to feature a reader party, a sip ‘n see actually. You may be asking yourself, “What is a Sip ‘n See?” right about now! A Sip ‘n See is a celebration often held for moms after the birth of their second (or third…etc) child. These moms usually have all the baby essentials so they’re not in need of a traditional shower but all the family and friends still want to see the new little addition! So a celebration is hosted to “sip and see” the new baby after he or she is born. I love the concept because it makes it very easy for lots of friends to see the new baby all at once rather than lots of drop-bys in the early weeks.

This gorgeous sip ‘n see was designed and hosted by Misha Perritt for the arrival of baby Reeve! She began by designing the invitation which provided the inspiration for decorations and party design. We love the beautiful watercolor flowers and subtle lace print. The rich green die cut backer was an elegant touch too! You can find the sources for the flowers and invite backer in our resources section at the bottom of the post! Let’s take a look at a few more photos (and more party details below)!

Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures! Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures!Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures!sip-n-see-flower-design-4Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures!Mini Party Foods!gorgeous baby shower cake! Sip 'n See Invite!Sip 'n See details and party inspiration! After the invitation, she designed all the party signs and labels to match the design. I love the gold touches, so elegant and pretty! Not only were there plenty of crowd-pleasing party foods and desserts to go around but a mimosa bar! What a sweet idea to include for guests. Gorgeous boxes were filled with chocolates and made the perfect favors for guests. It truly is these small details that make a party stand out!

So if you want to celebrate the arrival of a new little one, consider hosting a sip ‘n see celebration for mom and baby!

Styling, Photography, & Food/Desserts: Misha Perritt of A Lovely Design
Watercolor Floral Designs: Create The Cut
Invitation Backer: Paper Presentation

Simply Simone Sip ‘n See hosted by Tori Spelling


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Peacock Sip ‘n See

peacock party cocktails
peacock party banner and flower arrangements

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