1 Month Until My Wedding + Some Thoughts on It…

In the past 2 months, I signed on for book #3 + I completed an 8 city nationwide book tour (LA, Phoenix, NYC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, + Chicago), traveled to Salt Lake City to speak at SNAP Conference, and now I’m gathering my things to head to Tampa to speak through the end of the week. That was among Pizzazzerie + lots of contract design jobs. I love it. I live for sharing my story + creative ideas with others. I feel so blessed to have been given so many opportunities this spring to travel and stay busy! With that being said…

My wedding is in 1 month. Oh…heavens… 

The past few months… I have asked myself the following..

  • Will it be “cute” enough?
  • If one more person says “I bet your wedding tables will be amaaaazing”.. well… I just smile and freak out on the inside
  • Will it be “Pizzazzerie” enough?
  • Will I remember all the details?
  • Have I done enough?
  • When do I stop trying to make it fabulous?

These things have been weighing on me…thus…for the next month + last month in this wedding planning journey, I’m going to get the things done that I need to get done (it’s quite a list), but (and it’s a huge but) I’m going to STOP | ENJOY | + RELISH in what this wedding day is truly about – the love of my life! I can’t tell you how excited I am to marry Chris and whisk off to our honeymoon (much needed). It is both a blessing + a curse to be in this creative field and plan your own wedding. I’m sure many others in the creative business can relate, it’s HARD to design for yourself and feel “done” with the process”.

Whew, I feel better…

So I leave you (or maybe really me since this was a bit of a therapeutic blog post to write)..a quote from Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty

style me pretty quote

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  1. Your wedding will be perfect…even the imperfections will be perfect :)

  2. Your wedding will be perfection even it’s it not ‘cute’ enough in your eyes, Court! However, I can’t see how it would be anything less of amazing. And that honeymoon will be perfection, I can guarantee that! xoxo

  3. You said it, what is important is you are marring the man of your life, so I don’t care If your tables look amazing,I know they will and even if they dont, who cares!! I’d rather know you had the time of your life on your wedding, and that you have a healthy marriage, because when all this is over he’ll be all you’ll have when you both get old, so take good care of each other. Have fun don´t stress out this is YOUR DAY. Be happy and happy honeymooning!! and welcome to the most chaotic and wonderful days of your life, there is lots to learn and all you need is GOD and Love.

    GOD Bless your new Home

  4. Please try to remember that when doing something for yourself that nobody knows “your vision” and then relax and PLEASE enjoy your day. Roll w/the punches (wedding day crud that always happens) and just be in the moment.


  5. What a wonderful reminder and as I approach my 3 year anniversary next month the one piece of advice I’m so glad I acted on was to stop and breathe. I relished the entire process (I did a lot of DIY) and on that actual day made sure to stop and take it all in along the way (including making sure to eat and savor my entire meal since I had heard so many brides say they didn’t even get to eat on their wedding day!). This sparked me to create my own business helping other brides do the same and to enjoy their experience. Wishing you a wonderful wedding day!

  6. You have put so much work into making the day special but you have to remember to breathe and enjoy the day. If you are lucky it will go just as planned but if something unexpected happens it will be best if you can find a way to move past it and try to enjoy it. My cousin was supposed to read at my wedding but never showed up – so the Priest stepped in and did the reading. Come to find out she was in an accident (luckily she was ok) and didnt’ make it to the Church. But she did make it to the reception. She was horrified that she had let me down. I was thankful she was ok – and we proceeded to have a great time at my reception. If something doesn’t go the way you planned, the best you can hope is to be able to look back on it after being happily married for many years and laugh at the memories. Best Wishes!!!

  7. Courtney,
    Oh how I can relate to this. All I can tell you is this: your wedding will not be perfect, because perfect does not exist. It especially does not exist for those creative OCD types like us. You will see things on that day that you missed. You will think of things after the fact and kick yourself. You will not stop trying to make it fabulous until you start walking down the aisle. But it won’t really matter because nobody there will see the things that are “not Pizzazzerie enough”. Everyone will think it is fabulous because it will be fabulous. It will go by in a blink. Make a promise to yourself to look at Chris, and treasure the day and turn a blind eye to any minor imperfection. In the end, your wedding day is as fabulous as you let it be inside your own head. Now ENJOY IT! :-)
    Love, Jen

  8. You already know my thoughts on your wedding day…and my advice. The man standing next to you before the “bright lights” came on will still be there holding your hand when the lights fade. ♥

  9. TarenLeigh says:

    I’m getting married in 3 months and feel the same way. I’m a creative perfectionist in everything I do so I feel like when people show up they’re going to expect a whole lot of…well, perfection. It’s tough. When it comes down to it, you’re only there for the guy that asked you to be there. Glad I found your blog…you’ll have to share your post-wedding thoughts with the rest of us perfectionists when you can. :)

  10. I know EXACTLY. HOW. YOU. FEEL. For the record, I will not have ninety hundred eleven people at my wedding even though everyone thinks that I will. Love your guts girl!


  11. Best wishes Courtney! Wish you both good health, happiness, love, success and prosperity. xo

  12. It will be great! Of course it will be cute enough and Pizzazzerie enough .. You are cute and you are Pizzazzerie so no matter what happens, your wedding will be too. The three word mantra on your special day will need to be.. Let it go. :)

  13. Courtney – without a single doubt, all of the details of your blessed day will be perfect in all ways that suit you and Chris. You are a darling lady with an amazing talent — let yourself be your best customer and appreciate all you have done for you! Much LOVE, happiness and delicious memories are all yours for the taking my sweet friend. I wish you all the best in everything you do ALWAYS! Love, Cass

  14. My daughter is getting married in Nashville next Saturday & we have been asking ourselves most of the same questions. We are hoping that all of our guests have fun & enjoy all the special details that we have planned.

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