Somewhere over the Rainbow…

In case you missed my Instagram announcement earlier this week, I have a bit of news!

Rainbow Baby Announcement

“For this child, we have prayed”🌈Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true…🌈🙏🏻💛

We have been keeping a little secret! 😉 We’re adding a seat to the table this year! BABY is due early September (or Aug if he/she decides to follow in sister’s early arrival footsteps 😳). We are quite literally over the moon with excitement.

Second Baby Announcement

I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the chance to share this type of news again. I prayed. We lost. I felt every emotion under the sun. I kept praying and wishing, watching the years go by. After a terrifying emergency surgery/ectopic pregnancy in 2018, septate uterus surgery last summer, a miscarriage last fall followed by a chemical, this journey has sure taught me the miracle of this sweet blessing.

I have never felt more grateful. 🙏🏻💛 My heart is with you if you’re in the midst of a similar fertility journey, and I pray your rainbow is coming.

After almost 4 years and one subchorionic hemorrhage scare in the 1st trimester, I can’t believe we are halfway there. 2020, you’ve been a strange year, but you’re our miracle!



Many of you asked how Blakely reacted when we told her, so I thought I’d show you! We told her at 13 weeks with this gift, please excuse my tired, morning-sick self. 😉 Blakely has been the most patient soul waiting for a sibling. She would quietly ask over the years but though she will be a lot older before we tell her of our losses, she understands that having a baby isn’t “easy” and picked up that it was a hard journey for us. She used to always reassure ME by saying “IF we get a baby, Mommy…then I want to do this or that …but it’s ok if we don’t!!” She always hugged me in moments she didn’t know I needed them, even when her Disney trip was postponed due to emergency surgery. She has a heart of gold.

THIS was the moment I dreamed of when I saw that positive pregnancy test. My husband was behind the video, and we both couldn’t wait to tell her. I had to trim the video for IG length, FYI, but tried to keep most of it in. Turn up your volume to hear voices.

Big Sister T Shirt


I’m 21 weeks! Baby is due early September, but Blakely was born a month early due to my septate uterus (I still have a partial septate) so doctor and I imagine I will deliver before 40 weeks again. It will be a repeat c-section for me. 


I’m currently in the “sweet spot” of pregnancy, second trimester bliss. The symptoms are not bad besides headaches and some insomnia, but I’ll take it! I was very nauseous and sick in the first trimester, as I was with Blakely. The pregnancies are almost identical. The perspective is certainly different, however. I remember suffering through morning sickness with Blakely and almost welcoming it with this one after praying so hard for this pregnancy. 


Salty (specifically corn on the cob and avocado)! Same as Blakely’s pregnancy! Still not convinced that means the gender is the same. 


We are waiting! We found out with Blakely, but would love the big surprise for this one! We truly feel so blessed to even have the chance to have a second, and truly just want a healthy baby! 

I’ve shared more of the pregnancy on Instagram, you can watch it on my stories or the “baby 2” highlight on my bio where I’m saving all the details. Thank you for ALL of the love and support for this rainbow baby! 

Photos by Evin Photography 

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  1. First, congratulations, sharing your joyful news has made so many of us cry and smile at the same time. Nothing is more precious than having a baby, especially one soooooo wanted. For some encouragement I also had the same issue with my uterus. I am 64 now and have 2 healthy adult children. Yes both were early but both healthy. Things weren’t as advanced when I was pregnant with mine, but some how the miracle of children happens. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you so much happiness! Thank you for sharing your joy with everyone, it certainly was a high spot in my day. Lots of love!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. After a heartbreaking week, this is so beautiful to hear your news. I had 4 miscarriages before my first (of 4) rainbow, Elijah. He will be 20 in June. Best wishes to your family.

  4. Kathleen Lunman says:

    Congratulations and praying all will be well throughout. Looking forward to seeing those first baby pictures!! And to Blakeley’s big sister with baby photo!! Bless you all!

  5. Victoria Breen says:

    So very happy for you….good things come to all those who wait! And we know how long you have waited. congratulations on your little miracle!!!!!

  6. Congrats, I know you are over the moon with happiness.

  7. Your name will be added to tonight’s prayers. Thank you for sharing this personal story and wonderful blessing.

  8. JOY, JOY, JOY! Such precious news! Congratulations! You give much hope to many hopeful, prayerful parents! You are in my prayers, as we wait for this Gift of Life to make their entrance into our world! Blessings to you, your husband, and daughter! JMJ!

  9. What wonderful news this is, Courtney!!!! And especially after such a long and tough journey to get here. This new addition to your family will be loved and blessed beyond….. I am also thrilled that your mom will be a grandmom X 3 !!! My thoughts and prayers are will you and yours.

  10. Gloria Corpus says:

    God bless your baby and your family!

  11. Donna Oliphint says:

    Congratulations! Fertility issues are SO hard. We struggled for several years and found out we were pregnant the day before the home study for adoption! The “big sister” video made me cry. Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly, #2 stays comfy as long as possible and you have a successful, healthy delivery.

  12. Melissa newell says:

    Oh my word how exciting. I am not on Instagram anymore so I didn’t see this until you posted here!!! I am sooo happy for you all. Praying for safety for you and the new baby!

    XO Melissa (Woodwaterfarmhouse)

  13. The post is informative enough for me to refer to, hopefully I complete my project

  14. Gloria Corpus says:

    What a blessing! May God be with all of you.🙏

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