{Update} 5 Months Until My Wedding!

weddingLast June, when I announced my engagement, many of you asked if I would regularly update Pizzazzerie with wedding tidbits. Yes, I said! Well, apparently 7 months have gone by and I’ve yet to update ya’ll! I had no idea I’d write two books (2nd releases Aug. 2012), raise a wild puppy, get some more big news (coming soon) all within these 7 months. Sorry, guys! But now I’m here to update you on all things WEDDING! 

Date: June 23, 2012
Location: Vanderbilt University’s Benton Chapel (ceremony) & Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (reception)
Dress: BOUGHT! It arrived to my Mom’s house yesterday and she visits next week so I’ll get to see it then.
Shoes: Still need to get these.
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bought! They’re darling. I’m obsessed. I want one.
Men: We haven’t figured out whether the guys will be in tuxes or suits, ties or bow ties.. decisions!
Little ones: I will have 3 flower girls + 1 ring bearer. They’re tres cute.
Save-The-Dates: Sent! Here is a post about them.
Invitations: In the works!
Honeymoon: Close thanks to Amber Housley! We’re thinking Bahamas. Honestly, I want to be horizontal on a beach without a terribly long plane ride so anywhere that fits that description will be good for me!
Tablescapes: Ah, yes… my favorite element! This has proved to be quite difficult but thankfully Brocade Designs is on the “team” to help me keep my head from spinning off.  Thanks to Hillary, the main elements are in place. I will say this much (I can’t reveal everything now can I?!): black & white stripes, rich kelly green, boxwood, Kate Spade.
Food: Chris & I still need to decide on food and have a tasting!
Cake: I had a fabulous meeting with Jay Qualls. I’m so excited I can’t even STAND it!
Sanity: I’m still sane. Ask me again in 4 months and you might get a different answer.

My Mom comes in town this coming week to help get some things organized (namely tent, rentals, china etc). This will be a huge relief off my back as I feel like that will help me get down to smaller details. She’s also bringing my dress as well as tons of DIY items she’s made. Can’t reveal what they are though!

My amazing coordinator aka sanity-keeper aka contributing writer Katie Saeger has just confirmed her trip to Nashville soon to get all our duckies in a row. Everyone likes to think that I know what I’m doing. Au contraire. Designing a styled shoot for a blog or magazine is about 2938938 times different than throwing a real event for 250 people. Whew, thankful for Katie’s organizational skills!

If ya’ll like the update, let me know – and I’ll write more about the “wedding process” with pictures etc.

Image Source (White Bouquet – JL Designs, Just Married Parasol – Paris Couture Antiques)

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  1. love the update! i know you can’t reveal the deets, but way to keep us in suspense! lol…it’s going to be fantastic! congrats again.

  2. One little tip. . . ARUBA. Best locale ever. We stayed at the Bucuti Beach Club-Tara Suites. It is a smaller hotel with 14 acres of beach. 14 acres. 14. We had a spot of beach larger that our entire plot of land. It is amazing. Look into it. Wonderful island. 98% employed, everyone is happy, goregous weather. I could go on for hours.

    1. We went to the Bahamas for our anniversary and it was amazing! One of the prettiest places we’ve ever been. We are looking into Aruba for our summer vacation this year! Good luck Courtney…It’s going to fly by! You’re surrounding by an amazing team :)

  3. This makes me SO happy!

  4. LOVE the update Courtney! Especially love your openness…it’s not as easy as it looks to ‘make the magnificent’ but if anyone can, it’s you. It’s going to be Amaaazing!!!

  5. I want updates all the time!! So excited, so excited, and so honored! You know why! How do you truly love someone you’ve never met? I am so happy for you and Chris “the cutest boy” you’ve ever seen! You make me work harder and harder! You make me understand that hard work, determination, and a smile goes a very long way! Love you!!’

  6. OH COURTNEY – it sounds so fantastic – You realize you are putting on a virtual wedding here. You wouldn’t want to live stream it to your fans, would you- how much fun would that be!

    Enjoy all of this prep – too exciting! xxx Cynthia

  7. Oh my goodness, everything sounds so exciting! And for the stressful stuff, just remember that everything truly will work out and all of the loveliness you add to the event and the day just by you and Chris being you will shine over everything. All of your hard work will be a beautiful compliment to your love, and your guests will be mesmerized. And I can’t help it, I cannot wait to hear about the “more big news – coming soon!” :)

  8. I used to work at Vanderbilt and absolutely love the campus such a beautiful place-congrats!

  9. LOVE hearing all of the details and would love to see some photos!!

  10. OH! I LOVE! I want to read more! Maybe you should write a book about your own wedding and the process etc… That would be a great seller! So happy for you!

  11. I love the update! Please post more…with pictures!! Congratulations again and good luck. Planning a wedding is stressful, but SOOO much fun!

  12. I love hearing your updates! I’m beyond excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures!!

  13. So excited for you Courtney! I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures, I know it will be beautiful! Good luck with the rest of the planning, and enjoy this special time! And thanks for sharing with your readers and letting us somehow be a part of this special journey!

  14. love all the details and excitement!!! cant wait to hear more sweetie!

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