DIY Taco Holder and Free Taco Party Printable Sign

DIY Taco Holder, How to make a festive holder that will hold your tacos!Taco night is a FAVE around my house, and it’s also one of my favorite party foods! Did you see these mini BBQ chicken tacos? It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t love a taco, am I right? The problem with serving tacos for family night or parties is that they fall all over the place. There is no way to display them without shredded lettuce, cheese, and all the other toppings all over the floor – and you’re left with a tortilla to eat. Really, what’s a hostess to do? DIY TACO HOLDER. I’m so excited to partner with HORMEL® Taco Meats to share this festive little DIY with y’all! It’s so easy and super cute. Keep it in your pantry or cabinet and whip it out for taco night.

So here’s how we make it, ready? Pictures  below followed by written instructions underneath!

How to Make a DIY Taco Holder!


Items You’ll Need:

  • 1 Wooden Board (5.5″ by 24″ or similar)
  • 1 wooden dowel cut into four “legs” for height (optional)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wood Glue


  1. The first thing you need to do to make your DIY Taco Holder is to attach your risers to your wooden board with wood glue. Now, this is just to give it some height (like a cake stand), but it’s totally optional. Your wooden board can also sit directly on the table and be completely fine. Up to you! For parties, I like the height because it looks a little fancier. For these “risers” you can cut a wooden dowel down to the sizes you prefer. Or your craft store might even have wooden dowel rods for sale that are in short sizes, perfect!
  2. Your next step is to pick your paint colors! I chose a festive neon green and aqua, but you can do whatever you prefer! You certainly don’t have to paint it if you prefer a natural color.
  3. Measure out every 2 inches on your wooden board and make a small mark in the center. I actually made my marks prior to painting, but I recommend after so you don’t cover up your marks.
  4. Attach your wooden dowels to each mark with wood glue. You might need to hold each for a minute or two until it’s “set” to prevent it from leaning one way or the other. You could also try hot glue if you prefer, but wood glue will create a stronger hold.
  5. Add your tacos in (might I suggest tacos made with  HORMEL® Taco Meats) and shout HOORAY! :)

How to Make a DIY Taco Holder! Pizzazzerie.comDIY Taco Holder, perfect for parties

I mentioned HORMEL® Taco Meats above, and have to tell you more! The tacos I used for my DIY Taco Holder are made with the pork (so delish). I love that they’re perfectly pre-seasoned, fully cooked, and easily found in the grocery store (refrigerated section). So the only thing I have to worry about for taco night is toppings (and of course making the cutest taco holder ever). If you want more taco ideas, follow along with #TacoGoals on social media! Lots of cute ideas to up your taco game!

If you’re setting up your taco party, print off this fun “Taco ‘Bout a Party” sign and frame or prop it up! You can even size it down, add details to the back, and use it as an invitation!

Taco Party Free Printable!

Click HERE to download the free printable!


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  1. my favorite taco toppings are sour cream & guacamole

  2. JoeyfromSC says:

    Lots of cheese & sour cream..yum!
    Cool diy!

    Joey J.

  3. We love tacos at our house too.

  4. This is going to be great for Taco Tuesday’s this summer!
    My favorite toppings are cheese and hot sauce!

  5. Beatrice Daher says:

    Lots of cheese and sour cream.

  6. Ashley R. says:

    Cheese and sour cream! Lots of cheese.

  7. I love fresh salsa and avocado! Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. I like the cheese, salsa, and sour cream on tacos

  9. My favorite is avocado.

  10. I like avocado on my tacos.

  11. I usually just put cheese and onions.

  12. Kristin Goodson says:

    My favorite toppings are cheese, a little sour cream and guacamole.

  13. Love this! Making a couple for my super bowl party!

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