Tutorial: DIY Gilded Confetti Notebook!

DIY TUTORIAL gilded confetti notebook

While I’m soaking up some rays on my honeymoon, I’m so thrilled to have Maddy of Somewhere Splendid here today to share a tutorial for Gilded Confetti Notebooks! Her site is fabulous so I know you’ll want to check it out for even more inspiration (check out her party section!). These notebooks would make super sweet favors for a party, a hostess gift, bridal shower gift (think how many lists you need to make when you’re a bride!), etc.


  • Notebook (ours is a blue Moleskin from Target)
  • binder clips
  • gold paint marker (or other preferred color)
  • printer paper
  • hole punch

gilded confetti notebook diy

To create golden edging:

Tighten the pages of the notebook together using binder clips. Make sure to clip close to the edge of the book so the pages stay as compressed as possible.

gilded confetti notebook diy 2

With a paint pen, color the edges of the notebook, using your free hand to keep its pages tightly together. Move the binder clips as needed to finish the edge with the marker. Tip: For the most consistent look possible, use as few strokes as possible to paint the edge; for this, you may want to purchase a thicker nibbed paint marker rather than a thinner one.

gilded confetti notebook diy 3

To create the confetti pattern:

Fold a piece of printer paper in half. With a hole punch, create a random pattern of holes to create your template. Remember how confetti falls when you are punching: they do not fall in a consistent way, with some areas denser than others, and there is often overlap between pieces. When you are satisfied with your template, wrap it around the book. Use binder clips if needed to keep the template in place, and fill the holes with the gold paint marker. When finished, remove the template and let the gold circles briefly dry. Look at your design, and reposition your template as needed to expand and add to the pattern. To create the look above, layer the template over the book multiple times at the bottom, thinning out how often you layer it as you move towards the top. Allow the gold circles to dry, and repeat on the back if desired.

gilded confetti notebook diy 4

Look how cute that is? Maddy is so clever! VisitĀ Somewhere SplendidĀ for more of her darling ideas!

DIY TUTORIAL gilded confetti notebook finished

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  1. Such a simple idea, I love it. Especially the way you used a template

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