DIY: Painting Glass Jars + Bottles!

Hey there Pizzazzerie readers! I’m so excited to be here guest blogging while sweet Courtney is away on her honeymoon. Hope she is getting some much needed R+R with her new hubby! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jessica Bishop and I am the creator of The Budget Savvy Bride, a daily wedding blog sharing real weddings (with real budget breakdowns) as well as tips and tricks to throw a beautiful wedding on any budget! We love to feature great DIY projects and ways to create a luxe look for less, and many of the decorative items we share are totally appropriate for a wedding, birthday party, shower or any other fun occasion!

I think that all occasions – large and small – are worth celebrating, but I don’t always have extra money in my budget to spend on party décor. So I always try to find ways to repurpose or reuse items that we already have around the house. If you get a little creative, you can turn what others might consider ‘trash’ into the cutest party décor ever! 

To get inspiration I turned to some of my favorite blogs and Pinterest to gather ideas. It would take me DAYS to cover all the fabulous projects I discovered, so for the purpose of this post I decided to just focus on glass items and what a simple coat of paint can accomplish! I’m big on recycling so I don’t ever throw glass away, so I save my bottles and jars as we use up the products they contain. Here’s some of my favorite looks I found:

diy glass jar bottles decor

1. Ombre Glassware 2. Various bottles spraypainted blue 3. Jars in various pastel hues 4. Glossy yellow mason jars 5. Metallic painted Frappucino vase 6. Beer bottles spraypainted white 7. Various sized jars in various shades of coral

 Use glass items you probably have around the house:

  • Pickle jars
  • Sauce bottles (taco sauce, mustard, etc)
  • Frappucino bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Flavored soda bottles
  • Mason Jars (can buy in bulk if you don’t have some at home)

 Try different painting techniques:

  • Spray paint the outside of the items
  • Use acrylic paint on the inside, you could do one solid color or a swirl or even layers of different colors for an Ombre effect!
  • Experiment with different finishes—matte, glossy, and metallic paints will all yield different results. Use thinner paints as more of a ‘stain’ instead of an opaque paint

I hope these ideas inspire you to think outside the box when planning the décor for your next party! Check out some more of the ideas I’ve found for budget-friendly event décor ideas follow me on Pinterest or visit me and the other savvy brides at The Budget Savvy Bride!

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  1. Thanks for featuring Stockroom Vintage’s ombre painted jars DIY! I can attest to how super easy they are to make. Grab some leftover paint and recycled jars from your fridge, and voila, loveliness abounds!

  2. I tried spray painting beer bottles last week with white spray paint but I couldn’t get the paint to stop running down the side of the bottles. Any suggestions?

  3. Love this idea! It’s an easy DIY…I specially love the blue bottles..awesome!

  4. Great post! I’m going to this myself. Started to collect some inspiring images on my blog already, but now really want to do this DIY.

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