“Donut You Forget About Me” Graduation Party!

Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!

Graduation Party Ideas We Love

Tis the season of graduations! Whether it’s Kindergarten or College, graduations are definitely milestones that deserve a graduation party celebration! I love this adorable “Donut You Forget About Me” Graduation Party from Jenny Rauli of Bloom Designs! I love her bright and colorful style! She hosted this party along with a close friend for their daughters’ 8th grade graduations! Check out the pics below and don’t miss the “Nacho Average Graduate” bar…. I can’t even handle the cuteness. LOVE this idea.

Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!Donut You Forget About Me | Cutest Graduation Party Idea!NACHO AVERAGE GRADUATE, such cute ideas!

Party details from Jenny Rauli of Bloom Designs

The party had a perfect vibe – bright, colorful, and FUN!  The girls’ loved it, obviously! It’s so cute! We tried to achieve that with beautiful decorations in shades of pink and pretty calligraphy while inserting silly signs at all our food tables.  This theme would also work great for a moving away party or any end of year gather.


We hired a taco cart for the main meal and offered all the fixing at the “Taco Bout A Party” Table.

Guest also built their own nachos at the “Nacho Average Graduate” Table which was filled with homemade quest and lots of different toppings. Everyone’s favorite table was of course the “Donut You Forget About Me” where we served several different varieties of donuts.  My daughter actually thought I was completely nuts when I suggested this theme last year but I think it turned out super cute.  We tried to order as many varieties as possible with pink topping.

We also colored our own sprinkles  which we gave to the donut store to make sure the colors matched the party better. My favorite detail from the party was the frames that decorated the fireplace.  We filled them with a photo of the girls over the years making sure that each graduate attending was in at least one.  It was really heartwarming to see how even though the girls are only 14, they have had a long history with so many of their friends.

We were so blessed to celebrate with family, longtime friends some of whom have watched the girls grow up the past 10+ years and new friend who already feel like old. We are so happy for this group of sweet kids!  Can’t wait to see what they do in high school.

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  1. This is serious cuteness. The puns make the party! Great job Jenny!!

  2. Some fun ideas, but I kept thinking how sad the donut table would look without the lovely stacks of donuts. Did they re-purpose this table?

    Does anybody else wish for before and after party table pictures? Oh, just me, huh?

    [Not criticizm! This particular period of retro style they used has always given me a creative block.]

    1. After the donuts have been eaten, the party is likely over? So anytime a party is over, the party table would (and should if the food is good) be emptied out and “done looking”. I’m not sure I’m understanding your question. No party table should look the same before as it does after. A cake eaten at a birthday would not look the same after as it does before.

      1. I’m referring to visual interest. My comment regards how my imagination sees the display when the “picture perfect” donuts are half-gone, for example.

        The monochrome sign and serving dishes make the donuts look stunning. However, it places the burden of the visual interest on whatever is not muted pink, in this case. (I’m thinking of the late 1940’s, early 1950’s color schemes maybe?)

        How would you, given the style and theme of the party, add visual interest to the “donut table,” or would you leave it as shown?

        1. You’re welcome to ask the designer of this party, this was simply a feature for other to be inspired. Thank you for your concerns.

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