Halloween Spider Surprise Cake

Celebrate Halloween with this spooky spider cake. Just wait until you see the expressions on their face when you cut into this spider cake! Pizzazzerie.comAre you ready for something a littttle bit spooky? ¬†Only on Pizzazzerie will you get a DIY for personalized satin ribbon for luxe gifting and then spiders coming out of a cake. What? I know. I debated sharing this one because it’s a bit creepy and wierd but you know what, I love it. And I think all 6 year old boys across the country will side with me. So here we have it. This idea was born from the surprise confetti cakes that have been popping up everywhere the past few years. Similar…accept way creepier! This spider cake is perfect for Halloween!

Truly though, slice into this Halloween cake and out come a lot of spiders. What do you call a group of spiders? A flock? A gander? A herd? Completely creepy is what you call them. Wait until you see the faces when they see these come pouring onto the cake stand. Have you seen the ring spiders on top of cupcakes at grocery store bakeries before? Ring spiders would be cute inside of this too. Spooky, yes, but still cute in my opinion!

So how do you get the spiders (or Halloween candy for those that are totally creeped out), I’ve put step by step pictures and directions below!

Spider Cake Tutorial & Recipe

How to make a Halloween Surprise Spider Cake! Pizzazzerie.com

For the purposes of this “recipe”, I’ve used a simple white cake and vanilla frosting. The idea here is the spider part so you can use any cake and frosting combo that your heart desires. I do recommend a lighter cake color just so that the spiders will contrast. Don’t worry chocoholics, you can put chocolate frosting on it if you’d like!

Spook your family with this Halloween Surprise Spider Cake!

Wait until you see what's INSIDE this spooky spider Halloween cake!

Halloween Spider Surprise Cake

Spook your family with this Surprise Spider Cake for Halloween!


  • 1 recipe, white cake see instructions below
  • 3-4 cups vanilla frosting
  • handful of spooky spiders


  • Bake your cake into 2 rounds (I used 8 inch rounds). After cooling, slice each cake round into two layers.
  • Stack three of your four layers and use a knife to carefully cut out a hole in the center (about 2 1/2 inches wide). Remove that cake portion leaving an open hole.
  • Separate your cake layers once again and frost between them.
  • Stack again, frosting between each layer.
  • Finish with the fully round (no hole in the middle) fourth layer.
  • Cover with frosting and decorate with extra spiders!
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Wait until you see what's INSIDE this spooky spider Halloween cake!

Too scary? Like I said, use the idea and put your own twist on it! Candy corn surprise cake would be super cute and very non-spooky. Or even a variety of leftover Halloween candy. Can you imagine cutting into a cake and out pours mini candy bars? I think that is what heaven will be like. Might have to try that one! Meanwhile, I hope you try this spider surprise cake for Halloween!


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  1. Lolomcgee says:

    I’m going to surprise my kids with this. It’s taking everything I’ve got not to send the link to my arachnophobic sister.

    1. HAHA! :) Hope your kids love it!

  2. Laura Reynolds says:

    jelly beans at Easter!

  3. April Fools Prank…hahaha

    1. That’s our plan! Daughters bday is on April 1st and she hates spiders! Ha!ha!

  4. Awesome cake!!! Are the spiders edible. If not where did you buy these spiders.

    1. Hi! They’re spiders from the craft store that were out around Halloween.

  5. lizzellen says:

    I love it, You go girl.

  6. I would like to make this for Halloween. Has anyone actually made this cake. I was just concerned if the top layer sags or falls in without anything to support it.

    1. Stacy, if you make that top finishing layer (that is solid) thick enough, or at least not a flimsy one, then it will be fine!

      1. I am planning to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday. Your recipe says that it’s made with two cake rounds that you sliced in half, but in your photos, the layers look very thick? Are they really cake rounds cut in half, or did you use four rounds?

  7. This is such an awesome idea. You are a genius.

  8. Awesome cake! I’m on desserts for a Halloween party so this is perfect! I’m just going to use case mix. Do you think I would need two boxes?

  9. Can I make this the night before my Halloween party or do I need to make it the day of the party?

    1. You can make it the night before!

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