Monster Halloween Party: Teal, Orange, & Black

monster halloween party

Monster Halloween Party

You’ll see another stunning wedding feature next Wednesday, but for Halloween week, we just have too many spooktacular parties and inspiration to share! This party, submitted by Party Box Design, is one of our favorites.

Designed in teal, orange, and black with polka dots and damask, this party is styling! One of our favorite parts? The chic Halloween bar – and guess what? This was a THRIFT STORE find and with a bit of sanding, staining, and painting, it was only $85! Great job, Jess! I just recently found lots of milk glass and fabulous vases at a local thrift store, so I encourage you to visit yours and get creative!

monster halloween party ideas

Jess of Party Box Design shared more of the details with us below!

Flowers: “4 dozen roses, sticks from my yard that were soaked in water(so
that I could bend them) and a vase from my basement… oh and some paper
ribbon! I wanted the sticks to resemble the roses so it would appear as if
the roses had these super long stems just wrapping themselves around the

Vodka: “Infused it weeks before, frozen raspberries in one and hot peppers
from my garden in the other. The fruit added that spooky feel to the bar.
The glass containers were saved from various juice and gourmet soda
bottles, just washed and labels removed.”

Hay Bales: “Saved money by calling local farmers vs visiting the high end
pumpkin stands!”

Activities: “The children made baby scare crows with baby clothes vs adult clothes also had chalk and a bounce house!”

Candy Apples: “Used actual sticks from my yard, to pull in that rustic chic
feel even more!”

pumpkin party


Party Décor/Flowers/Styling/Invitations/Cocktail Toppers/Stickers: Party
Box Design
Pom Poms: Pom Flair
Cookies: The Cookie Jar
Chocolate Lollipops: Lolligals
Chocolate Eyeballs and Pretzels:  Sue’s Gift Box & Sweet Shoppe
Party Favor Bags/Cupcake Wrappers/Straws: Fort and Field
Water Bottle Labels: Bottle Your Brand
Photography: Ashley Hay
Pumpkin Carving: Robert Johnson
Painted Pumpkins: Lindsey Shevkun

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