My 2012 Holiday Card from Minted!

Minted Holiday Cards! - Tag Style!This year, I partnered up Minted to design my holiday card (remember their darling party line I shared a couple of weeks ago?). This was super easy since every single one of their designs is FABULOUS. The hardest part was picking one! I knew I wanted a “tag-style” because any reason to add ribbon to anything is a ‘yes’ in my book. However, it means another decision SO I need your help…read on.

The Minted line lets you pick different shapes for lots of their designs so you can truly personalize it to exactly what you want. Score! I also got to pick the cute envelope liner too! Can’t wait to send these pretties out. Now…for your help!

Which ribbon should I pick for my holiday card?

Minted Holiday Cards by Pizzazzerie

Leave a comment below telling me which ribbon color you think I should choose! I can’t decide!

Now, for the back of the card (which you also get to personalize – love it). Here’s what I did…

Back of Holiday Card

If you are still looking for holiday cards, hop on over to Minted + get shopping!

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  1. If you don’t have a red stripe…. :) Then the solid red. I like the black stripe a lot but I am a red/green Christmas person! Love the card!

  2. The black and white matches your bouquet but the gold has a more holiday feel!

  3. The black and white is all you!!

  4. Black & white! You must continue that fabulous wedding theme just a little longer ;)

  5. Crissy S. says:

    If you are doing the ribbon yourself then I say do all 3. That way the recipients get different ones. If the company is doing it for you, I say go for the red. Gives it that small pop of color. :)

  6. Love the Black & White striped!

  7. Such cute Christmas card! Loving the black and white ribbon and I especially love the back detail!

  8. I like the red for a Christmas theme but I think you should have a solid green string that matches the writing.

  9. Courtney!
    I love the stripped ribbon! It ties in awesome with the ribbon on your bouquet! :) Adorable card!

  10. I like the red it gives it a subtle POP and makes it classy festive!

  11. Love the black and white!

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