Enchanted Garden 7th Birthday Party

I am SO excited to share this party! Planning my daughter’s birthday party each year brings me so much joy! I have no idea where time goes, but she turned 7, and we celebrated with an Enchanted Garden Party complete with a gardening station where each girl created her own fairy garden.

Enchanted Garden Party

Blakely loves gardening (she takes after my mom) and since her birthday is in the spring, she was SO excited to have her friends over for a gardening party!

This might be one of my favorite party themes. It was perfect for her age as the girls loved getting to create something they could take home, and they loved learning about gardening too!

I linked the previous years’ parties below if you are looking for more girl birthday party ideas.

Last year, being 2020 🤪, we just had a small celebration at home for her 6th birthday. While she just had 7 friends this year (I love the tip of letting kids invite the number of friends of the age they are turning), it was still SO exciting to be able to throw a birthday party again!

I absolutely loved creating a magical and enchanted garden theme in our dining room. I wanted the girls to feel like they were enjoying “lunch in the garden” with their friends.

Check out all the pictures and details below. I tried to answer all the party questions below, but leave a comment if you have any questions, and I’ll go my best to answer!

Gardening Birthday Party
Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

Garden Party Table

For Blakely’s enchanted garden party, we decided on a lavender and green theme. All the green and purple hues were so pretty, and I think the tablescape turned out so magical! It was so pretty to walk into this room!

Gardening Party Table

First we made a simple table runner with a lavender gingham fabric trimmed in matching ricrac trim. On top we placed a roll-out green faux moss runner that I found during the Easter season.

Fairy Garden Party

To create our enchanted garden centerpiece, we added moss “fairy” houses, topiaries, lots of potted flowers and the beautiful lavender cake to match our theme from Copper Whisk Cakes. I absolutely LOVED the tiny fairy door on the cake. SO cute!

I had the topiaries on my back porch so I simply repurposed them for this party. I always recommend “shopping” your home for items you can reuse for tablescapes. We tucked in lots of charming floral touches and butterflies to tie it into the garden theme.

Purple Gingham Fabric (Hobby Lobby)
3D Butterflies (come in lots of colors, SO cute)
Moss Runner (At Home – similar one here)
Birthday Cake (Copper Whisk Cakes)
Moss “Fairy” Houses (Hobby Lobby)

Garden Party Place setting
Children's Gardening Party

Garden Party Place Settings

The place settings were my absolute favorite details. We reused the grass chargers that my Mom and I made for her 1st birthday party (made from the faux grass roll-outs at Home Depot).

Children's Fairy Garden Party Details
Garden Themed Party

On top of each grass charger was a simple lavender plate, a floral crown headband, a gingham napkin and a scalloped terra cotta pot. Tucked down in each pot we had utensils, flower seed packets, and a garden label marker that we used as “place cards”.

Grass Chargers (DIY)
Lavender Plates, Cups, Utensils (Party City)
Gingham Napkins (HomeGoods)
Garden Name Markers (Dollar Tree)
Scalloped Pots (Moore & Moore Garden, Nashville)
Floral Crown Headband

More Party Details

chair wreath for garden party

On the back of each chair, I added flowers, butterflies and purple ribbon to my small boxwood wreaths (from Ballard Designs). I use these every holiday season, and I loved repurposing them for this party!

Children's Birthday Party Table
Garden Party Tablescape

Around the chandelier, we created a hanging floral design. I have a traditional-style chandelier hanging over the table so we used the arms of the chandelier to hold hanging greenery, flowers and butterflies.

There wasn’t much of a science to this as much as just hanging greenery first and then filling in with pops of color from flowers and butterflies. Then we tweaked and adjusted it until we were happy. I LOVED the magical garden feel that it gave to the party! It truly felt like you were sitting out in a pretty garden, despite the drizzly rain. The sun did pop out at the end of the party though!

Floral Garden Party
Boxwood Garden Wreath

The boxwood letter wreath is one we’ve had quite a while (originally from Grandinroad) and we embellished it with a couple of flowers and some purple gingham ribbon!

Garden Party Flower Arch

Entryway Garden Arch

One of my FAVORITE details was the garden arch that my Mom and I created to welcome the girls to the party!

We gathered up lots of greenery in various textures and sizes (mostly from Hobby Lobby but some from Michaels and JoAnns) and tucked them around my arched entryway. We added colorful balloons and lots of little butterflies throughout.

Fairy Garden Birthday Party

We also added in two moss butterflies that I repurposed from her 1st birthday. They’re about 8-9 years old so I sadly don’t have a source, but keep your eyes open in the spring at craft stores for similar decor!

Fairy Garden Party

Similar to the floral chandelier design, we just placed the flowers and balloons sporadically until we loved how it looked. Then we tucked in butterflies! Lots of butterflies!

Painting Fairy Houses

Before the girls enjoyed lunch and cake, they got to pick out a “fairy house” aka a wooden bird house from the craft store! After they ate, the houses were dry enough to set down in their gardens.

Painted Fairy Houses

Planting Station

We had just enough drizzly rain on the day of the party that we decided to have our planting on the porch instead of out in the garden. The girls didn’t mind one bit, and they had so much fun planting their flowers!

Kids Gardening Party

Kids Gardening Gloves
Kids Shovels

Making Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

After planting on the porch, the girls added their fairy house to their gardens and began the fun part of decorating the garden!

I went to a few craft stores and the dollar store to get lots of fun rocks, gems, mini fairies, and more to decorate their gardens.

I also found these cute white fences for them too!

We sent each girl home with all their gardening tools, including these little misters so they could water their fairy garden flowers!

Fairy Garden
Making Fairy Gardens
Gardening Party

Even our newest addition, Ivy, enjoyed the birthday party for her big sis!

Gardening Party

It was a magical day of friends and fun for our “little” girl. I can’t believe she’s 7, and I truly have no idea where time goes! Soon, we’ll be celebrating our Ivy’s 1st birthday (stay tuned, I’m so excited about the theme).

If you’re hosting your own fairy garden party, I hope you’ve found LOTS of garden party inspiration, and leave questions below, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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  1. Nancy Caswell says:

    How did you make the grass placemats??
    Please share!

    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Hi Nancy! I go into more detail in her 1st birthday blog post (linked above in the post) as we reused them from 7 years ago but basically we cut circles out of the faux grass rolls available at Home Depot!

  2. Everything is beautiful! Where did you find the containers for the gardens? Are they plastic? Did you let the girls put the dirt in or did you have that part done for them?

    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Hi Leah! The containers are from Home Depot. They ARE plastic, but look like terra cotta, we liked that they were plastic because they weren’t as heavy for carrying home. The girls did help put the dirt in, so we actually used the containers as bases for them to paint the fairy houses in, those dried while they ate lunch, then they filled their containers with dirt, etc.

      1. Awesome idea to use as base for painting. Thank you!

  3. Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles says:

    You are too much!! 😁 This could not be more fabulous, loved soaking up every detail!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! A little girls dream birthday party!

  5. Courtney! Every detail is perfect!!!! This may be my favorite party yet. It’s so cute!!!! May have to borrow the fairy garden activity for camp this summer 🤪

  6. Wow! Just wow!! What lucky little girls.

  7. Courtney, everything looked fabulous! I love that you instilled the joy of gardening and the imagination of a fairy garden. Simply wonderful! I did this for years as the Dir of Recreation Therapy at a Children’s Hospital and then with my own 3 children. Birthday parties and fun themes are moments in time they will always remember. Skip forward and now I’m helping my daughter plan her wedding…wish you were here to give ideas!!

    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Hi Thea! Thank you OH so much for this sweet note! Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming wedding, how exciting! I love that you did something similar at your job and with your children!

  8. Lisa Hays says:

    Just gorgeous – as always!

  9. Beautiful party! My daughter wants a fairy garden birthday so I am looking up ideas :) How did you get the greenery to stay around your archway? We have arches in our home and I usually will do a balloon arch but with less leaves – this definitely gives the feeling of a fairy garden!

    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Hi Kristin! Believe it or not, we used command strips BUT I’ll be honest, we added a couple of tiny white nails into the trim. You can’t see the holes at all once we removed them. I do think you could get away with just command strip hooks though!

  10. Melanie Gillette says:

    The party is simply fabulous! Would you be willing to share your secret for attaching the flowers to the chandelier? Did you drape or zip tie or some other method? Thanks so much! Every detail is stunning.

    1. Hi Melanie! We did a combo! Many of the stems were wired slightly so we made a kink or u shape and hung them over the chandelier. Others that were more floppy we tied together with clear thin fishing line type string from the craft store and then tied that to the chandelier. Hope this helps!!

      1. Melanie Gillette says:

        it does help and I use fishing line all the time for my projects! So handy. Thanks for the response. I’m excited to try it for our little party next week.

  11. Kathy Koutsiouki says:

    All I can say is this whole set up is magical. I would like it for my birthday party!

  12. Hi Courtney! Would you mind sharing where you bought you dining chairs (and table) from? Thanks!

  13. Hi Courtney! Would you mind sharing where you bought you dining chairs (and table) from? Thanks!

  14. Hi, beautiful arrangements. I loved all of it. Could you please share what food you served and how did you serve them. Thank you.

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