Host the Ultimate Masters Viewing Party

If you’re hosting a a viewing party for the Masters tournament this year, you have come to the right place! I’m sharing where to find recipes for all your favorite Masters foods as well as decorations for a golf-themed party!

Masters Viewing Party Golf Tournament Ideas

My daughter was born on Masters Sunday, and my husband is in the golf industry. It’s basically a must that we embrace golf in this household, and I’m all about it. I love the tradition and history behind the Masters.

We always have it on and since it’s around my daughter’s birthday every year, we’re usually hosting family and friends. Last year, we threw a “golf part-ee” since she turned “fore” so if you want some ideas for kids, it’s a great post to check out!

Masters Sandwiches Egg Salad and Pimento Cheese

If you’re hosting family and friends or just looking for a few Masters-themed foods to enjoy this week, this Masters party post will have you covered. I’m showing you everything from the famous foods and drinks to how to style your tablescape for the occasion. Let’s get started!

Masters Viewing Party Food

Between the Arnold Palmers, the green jacket, and those gorgeous pink azaleas, the food is one of the most popular parts of attending the Masters. Bring the famous Masters foods home by recreating them for your own viewing party.

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches


My favorite part of any party is hands-down, the FOOD. In Augusta, pimento cheese sandwiches reign supreme. You can make them miniature for an easy Masters party appetizer. Find the Famous Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches Recipe Here!

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Check out how I served them last year at my daughter’s party on a silver tray.

Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches for Golf Partee

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Just like the pimento cheese sandwiches, use soft white bread for your Masters sandwiches!

Masters Egg Salad Sandwiches

Grab the recipe for these Masters egg salad sandwiches!

Golf Ball Cheese Ball

Masters Golf Cheese Ball

What’s better than a cheese ball? A cheese ball that’s shaped like a GOLF BALL! This golf cheese ball will be a hole-in-one at your Masters watch party.

Masters Club Sandwiches

Golf "Club" Sandwiches for Golf Partee

Definitely not as popular as its pimento and egg salad cousins, the Masters Club Sandwich is definitely a great one to include in your viewing party. They’re a bit more “crowd-pleasing” than pimento and egg salad which are not everyone’s cup of “tee” (pun intended). I added golf tee picks to these I served at Blakely’s party last year.

Green Jacket Salad

Famous green jacket salad from Green Jacket restaurant in Augusta, GA.

The famous Green Jacket salad originally served at the Green Jacket Restaurant in Augusta, GA!

Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

masters peach ice cream sandwiches

When it comes to dessert, there is one popular choice at the Masters. Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches! It’s actually a a creation of the Christie Cookie Co. based here in Nashville, TN and they’re only available during the annual Masters Tournament.

Now, one could make homemade peach ice cream but if you’re hosting a crowd, keep it easy. Pick up peach ice cream and sugar cookies (or make your own peach ice cream sandwiches from home).

Augusta National Sour Cream Pound Cake

Masters Pound Cake

A couple of years ago, I bought the Tee-Time at the Masters Cookbook published by the Junior League of Augusta. It includes a recipe for their famous Sour Cream Pound Cake. You can also find the recipe here at Plain Chicken. Doesn’t it look divine?

Azalea Cocktail

The Azalea Cocktail

The signature cocktail of the Masters and named after the gorgeous flowers blooming during the tournament, the Azalea Cocktail is a must-try! I love the gorgeous color of this drink made from a mix of vodka, grenadine, and lemonade! Yes, please.

John Daly Cocktail (Spiked Arnold Palmer)

John Daly Cocktail

Basically an Arnold Palmer with vodka, the John Daly is another must-have for any Masters viewing party. Grab the recipe from Karyl’s Kulinary Krusade. I suggest whipping up a big batch of Arnold Palmers and splitting it so you still have some Arnold Palmers for those who don’t want alcohol.

Southern Fruit Tea is a staple at showers and occasions all across the South, and it also happens to be a perfect sipper for the Masters! It’s also SUPER easy to make in advance and have pitcher-ready for your viewing party.

Arnold Palmers to drink at Golf Partee

I served my Arnold Palmers in a large beverage dispenser and extra mint for garnishing.

Masters Golf Cookies

If you really want to wow your viewing party guests, order some Masters-themed cookies like these AMAZING cookies from Jana Lee’s!

Southern Pimento Cheese Filled Deviled Eggs

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

While deviled eggs aren’t sold at The Masters, egg salad and pimento cheese are so that’s reason enough to try this delicious combo! Click to get the Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs Recipe!

Pimento Cheese Ball with Crackers

Pimento Cheese Ball

While we’re at with all the amazing pimento cheese recipes, this pimento cheese ball makes a delicious appetizer worthy of your Masters viewing party!

Masters Party Decorations

Masters Party

Emily McCarthy always shares fabulous entertaining ideas like her Masters party set-up. She has tons of cute party items like napkins and cups for the occasion.

As for decor, yellow and green reign supreme. If you don’t have a gorgeous green table (jealous, Emily McCarthy!), then you can easily grab a green tablecloth for a similar style.

Head to the store and grab some yellow flowers! Or if you’re lucky and have access to pink azaleas, they’re a very fitting option too. I prefer silver vases for this occasion, but any vase will do!

Masters Golf Party

Why not style a Masters themed tablescape spread? I’ll show you exactly how to recreate mine plus lots of tablescape tips!

Masters Golf Dessert Bar

How gorgeous is this Masters dessert bar by Soirees For Days? I am in LOVE with her peach cupcakes garnished with mint.

Use golf balls to fill vases and serve as decor. Scatter theme throughout your bar setup or tablescape.

Host a Golf "Tee" Party from Pizzazzerie

I styled a golf “tee-party” that has lots of additional decor ideas that you can check out here!

For more Masters-themed party decor, check out both eBay and Etsy! You’ll find everything from invitations to Masters koozies to add a little Masters flair to your viewing party!

I hope you enjoy the tournament, and if you host your own viewing party, be sure to send me pictures!

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  1. Where did you get the masters logo wax paper under the Pimento Cheese Sandwiches?

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Was the paper under the Pimento Cheese Sandwiches custom made on Ebay? Do you happen to have a link?!

    1. Hi Bri – It was sold from an individual, it wasn’t made, so I think she just had one set. Perhaps more will pop up or someone could make it and sell it (try Etsy!)

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