Alligator Party

Alligator Children's Party

Alligator Party

Green Party Decor - Napkins and Plates

Green Boy's Birthday Party with Alligator

Alligator Birthday Party!

I love this party theme, not just because it’s green either. I think it is such a fun party theme for a little boy. The best thing about this fun party? The alligators in the center of the table serve as party table decor for the main party and when the kids are enjoying dessert – it’s bubble time! The alligators, from Toys ‘R Us,  are also bubble machines, how FUN!

Serve green, light blue, and yellow cupcakes with cupcake toppers for treats! There are also a lot of Alligator Cookie Cutters available – use them to cut out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like gators! And then send the kids home with alligator cookies tied in cellophane bags with fun ribbon! Kool-Aid has a kiwi-lime mix that is green!

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Green Polka Dot Plates (Target)
Fabric Tablecloth (Hancock Fabrics)

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Alligator Parties
are picking up in popularity for birthdays, showers, and all types of fun celebrations. Boatman Geller, one of our Paperie Guide Companies, designed this darling custom alligator baby announcement for us to show you! Their alligator melamine plates are also a fun addition to any ‘gator party! Keep the party theme going and use these fun notecards as thank-yous!

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  1. That is such an adorable party theme! I ♥ it!

  2. Daravanh Weeks says:

    So cute, love it! Green is my favorite color too. I will definitely have to think about putting the gators back into the party plans, they are so adorable. Keep all your ideas coming, you’re the best!

  3. Absolutely adorable party! Love the cute alligator centerpiece and of course all the green!!

  4. Love your party ideas. Where did you find the adorable alligator box?

  5. Rebecca Lopez says:

    I have been trying to find these alligator bubble machines but cant find them anywhere. I was wondering if you could some info on these little guys as I really would love to have them for my sons first party……….thanks Rebecca

      1. I have tried to find them also. They don’t have them at ToysRUs.

  6. Rebecca Lopez says:

    Hi Courtney, Thank you for your fast reply. I did notice that you got them from Toys R Us, but I was wondering if you knew the toy manufactor. I have tried Google, ebay, Toys R Us and still can’t find them. At my last resort would you be interested in selling them?

  7. love the ideas!!! We have a party planned for the weekend. I can’t find the bubble machines. Who are they made by?

  8. Can you recommend an invitation to go along with this theme? We are having this party for our one year old. Thanks!

  9. Very lovely color.In cleaning your fabrics, make sure that you read the specifications first to ensure that you retain the color and the quality of the fabric.

  10. Becky haney says:

    What bread did you use to make the sandwiches my bread seems flimsy

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