Pirates and Fairies Birthday Party!

Pirates and Fairies Birthday PartyPirates and Fairies 2

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Designing a party that is appealing to both little boys and little girls can be tough! An easy challenge for my talented friend Gwynn Wasson, however, who styled up this absolutely dazzling PIRATES + FAIRIES party for little Kacey and her brother David. Loosely based on Peter Pan, Gwynn chose a color palette of blues and greens with purple and gold accents.

Gwynn shared, “Partly because blue is Kacey’s favorite color and partly because the mix can work for both boys and girls. Besides the typical pirate stripe, we worked to pull in all different types of patterns including many batiks and watercolor prints. These gave the party an islandy, oceany feeling very reminiscent of pirates and the home of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! ”

Guests were greeted at the party with a TREASURE MAP:
“They were asked to “follow the fairies”.  On the ground we  laid out a dotted line which mimicked the line on the treasure map and flying above the guest’s heads were a line of paper fairies “leading” them to the party.”

The treasure? A yard transformed by over 200 feet of custom bunting, fairy wings, and pirate ships. The BRUNCH BAR included “Pirate Grub with Fabulous Fairy Flavoring“!  I love the cute names + titles as it gives the party so much personality. Gwynnalso set up a dessert table which she skirted with a watery printed fabric and then topped it with billowing burlap to mimic the rolling dunes of sand which might be found at the “water’s edge”.

One of my favorite elements were the SCALLYWAG Pirate Pops by Mom’s Killer Cakes. Super cute + fitting for such a cute Pirates + Fairies Party! Gwynn used raw sugar to represent sand and poured it into lanterns to prop up Tinkerbell’s chocolate covered oreos.

Party Styling and Party Printables – Gwynn Wasson Designs
Cake Pops – Mom’s Killer Cakes
Pirate Ship Cookies – Lori’s Place
Chocolate Covered Oreos – Serena’s Party Boutique
Tutu – Strawberrie Rose
Treasure Chest + Cardboard Wings – Michael’s
Striped Drink Cups – Party City

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  1. This is so cute – love the pirate cookies! Looks like a great boys and girls party!

  2. This is so cute – love the pirate cookies! Looks like a great boys and girls party!

  3. This is brilliant and super duper cute. I love pirates and pixies birthday themes.

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