Backyard Cookout with Bottle Aprons!

Black and White Backyard Cookout Table

Bottle Aprons

Enjoy a backyard cookout this spring! No matter what the occasion, add a little fun to your table with these bottle aprons! Pick out a fabric that matches your theme! Another idea? Give each guest a different color and you won’t mix up drinks! These are super cute monogrammed too!

Bottle Aprons

Here’s What You Need:
* 1/3 yard of fabric = 10 to 12 aprons
* Bias tape, double fold = one package is 4 yards of tape = edges 3 aprons
* Thread and scissors

Here’s What To Do:
* Cut the desired number of aprons and pockets out of fabric
* Hand or machine sew the bias tape around the edge of the fabric
* Sew the pocket (straw holder) to the apron down both sides and across the bottom leaving the top open.

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  1. I love it! How clever! I am so tucking this away for a BBQ inspiration post!

    Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  2. fun…they would be really cute monogrammed….

  3. It is very clever, Courtney~
    And I like the pocket for the straw!

  4. Do you have a pattern available for the aprons?

  5. ColleenB. says:

    Just seen this project on Craft Gossip this morning so of course I had to come and check out your blog.

    These aprons are really cute but I also wondering if there is a pattern available?
    Thank You

  6. WOW I like this pattern of the bottle aprons could i please get the pattern please.Thank you very much.

  7. How do i find the pattern for these aprons

  8. Is the pattern available?

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