7 April Fool’s Day Treats & Recipes

7 april fool's dinner and dessert trick recipes

Play some tricks on friends or family this April Fool’s Day (FRIDAY) with these 7 sneaky little recipes! From mashed potato cones to pizza cake, your taste buds will be in for a some surprises! Save these for fun party recipes too! Guests love a good surprise!

Here are the recipes + info for the pictures above! Plus, check below to learn how to share your own tricky recipes + April Fool’s Day ideas!

1. Sweet Sushi – Head down the candy aisle to make this sweet sushi! Made with coconut, frosting, and sweet gummies – this is a tricky April Fool’s dessert! Or pack one in your child’s lunchbag! Hosting a sushi party soon? These are a great dessert idea! (via Disney’s Family Fun)

2. “Pound Cake” French Fries – No grease in these french fries, just toasted pound cake strips + red frosting for “ketchup”! Clever and perfect for a tricky dessert idea. (via Parenting.com)

3. Corn on the Cob Cupcakes – Really, does it get any sneakier than this? This one might be our personal favorite!  Fruit chews, jelly beans, and colored icing make these look like actual corn cobs! Genius! (via Martha Stewart (originally in Hello, Cupcake!)

4. Meatloaf Cupcakes – Get the kids to eat their dinner the sneaky way! Nope, these aren’t fluffy cupcakes – it’s MEATLOAF! Mashed Potatoes and a bit of food coloring make the perfect “frosting” don’t ya think? (via Disney’s Family Fun)

5. Pizza Cake – Another tricky dessert recipe! vanilla frosting, white chocolate, and cake mix – yum! Serve this up on Friday or for a Pizza Party dessert! (via Taste Of Home)

6. Mashed Potato Cones – This tricky side dish looks just like ice cream! Those aren’t green sprinkles – they’re green onions!  (via My Recipes, originally Southern Living Kids Cookbook, Oxmoor House)

7. Faux Chicken Nuggets – Made with pound cake, these “chicken nuggets” are poultry-free! Rolled in a batter of crushed peanuts! (via Taste Of Home)

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