Bikes, Balloons, & Bubble Gum 3rd Birthday Party

purple bicycle birthday party invitation

purple green birthday party table

bicycle birthday party

valentini cocktail at birthday party

spring sugar cookies purple, green

purple birthday party

purple balloons birthday party

purple green birthday party picture

Bikes, Balloons, & Bubble Gum Birthday Party

My sweet friend Andrea of Dolce Drive designed and styled this darling birthday party for her 3 year old niece. Andrea is so super talented, and I’m lucky to have spent lots of time with her in New York City in January at the Martha Stewart headquarters. She is one of the nicest people I have EVER met! This party is oh so cute with it’s fun “bikes, balloons, and bubble gum theme“! I love unique party themes that really incorporate all that the birthday child loves! Andrea told us, “Valentina is my niece and loves to do sporty and athletic activities. She is girly but more of a sporty spice type of girly. She loves purple and green and requested, lots of candy for her party. She has brothers and loves to bike ride. I decided to theme the party around her love for all things purple and green, bikes and of course bubble gum!!!”

We love how the party straws and cute gingham paper bags for candy came from one of our sponsors – Shop Sweet Lulu! Special shout out to this darling party decor store!

PARTY DECOR: “The table was dressed beautifully in stripes, polka dots and gingham shades of lavender and purple. I ordered lavender and purple candy with a few details on green candy. We served cold Valentini punch for the kids which was green sorbet, frozen lemonade and sprite. We also made some yummy Valentini Adult drinks with pomegranate, raspberries and blueberries. DELISH!”

PARTY ACTIVITIES: “The kids arrived and were guided to a table where they decorated name tags for their bikes, they were allowed to write nicknames or whatever they wanted their bike to display, they used stickers, glitter and ribbon to decorate. We helped a little of course!!! They had several obstacle courses that were created by the adults, a few races and a lot of free riding. I made adorable ribbons with Excellent Rider and awarded each child with one, their little faces light up as they were pinned. It was very sweet! They played with bubbles, huge bouncing balls and snacked on cold plum popsicles. It was a wonderful afternoon with lots of sports and yummy sweets. Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Valentina!!!”

I love so many details of this sweet party! I absolutely adore the “Excellent Rider” awards. Children LOVE winning “awards” so finding a way to incorporate an award is super fun! They can take it home and pin it up in their room! I also love how Andrea thought about party activities. It’s one thing to have a drop dead gorgeous table display but once the kids get their sugar fix, they’re running around wondering what to do. She thought of that with the obstacle courses and free riding! Fabulous!

Paper Goods & Decor/Styling: Dolce Drive
Cookies: Sweet Dough
Straws, gingham paper bags for candy: Shop Sweet Lulu
Paper Pommettes: Pom Flair
Birthday Girl’s Outfit: Chic Baby Rose

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  1. Such a cute and unique idea! (fyi – might wanna blur out their address on the invite!)

  2. Beautiful party and well exicuted! I encourage folks to keep all drinks “virgin” at children’s parties. I wouldn’t want mom or dad to get behind the wheel with their little one in tow after having even one of those beautiful Valentinis! Be safe and protect your little ones.

  3. This is a stunning party! Andrea just keeps knocking it out of the park with her party styling! Congrats Andrea!

  4. Vanessa M says:

    This party was as magical in person as is reflected in the pictures…Andrea you are simply soooo very talented.

  5. Thank You so much for sharing this Courtney. And thanks ladies for the lovely comments. xoxo Andrea~

  6. ooooo! How fun!!! Love the combination of colorful colors!!! So cute!!! I bet Valentina won’t forget this special day!!! Very inspiring!!!



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