DIY Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers

DIY Bunny Drink Stirrers for Easter!

Anyone else completely over the cold weather? Why am I still hearing about snow? Not allowed. So ready for warm weather, Easter egg hunts, Easter dresses, and lots of cute Easter decor! Ok, so I’ll either have a newborn or be in my last days of the pregnancy for Easter this year (hospital bag is packed), but that isn’t stopping me from getting so excited about one of my favorite holidays.

Drink stirrers are one of my favorite ways to add a little “pizzazz” to parties (or just a simple dinner with the family)! I hope you’ll add these DIY Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers to your Easter celebration. Of course they can absolutely be used for kids’ drinks as well as adults. They’re one of the easiest DIYs I’ve posted (no worries if you’re not “crafty”). The best part is that they’re ready in seconds so if you leave things to the last minute (raising my hand!), this is your DIY project :)

DIY Bunny Drink Stirrers for Easter!

So here’s what you’ll need!

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Bamboo Skewers
  3. White Pom-Poms (from craft store)
  4. Scissors
  5. Thin, pink ribbon (or the ribbon of your choice)

Here’s how to make the DIY Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers!

  1. Add a pea-sized amount of hot glue to the end of your bamboo skewer.
  2. Quickly add on a white pom-pom. Be sure to push it down so it’s centered and adhering securely to the skewer and glue.
  3. Add on a little pink bow!
  4. Stir & Sip your way to a fabulous Easter! 

DIY Bunny Drink Stirrers for Easter!

I’m working on a cute Easter tablescape for so check back soon to see it! If you love my drink stirrers, check out a similar idea for bunny tail treats that I made last year (one of my fave treats)!

How to make CUTE Easter Bunny Tail Treats!

Recipe for Bunny Tail Treats

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    SO cute! I am sharing these on my [in five] Easter addition on my blog tomorrow. I’ll link back to your original post. Thanks for the adorable idea!


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