Vintage Goth meets Glam Halloween Party!

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Vintage Goth Glam Halloween 6Vintage Goth Glam Halloween 7Vintage Goth Glam Halloween 8VINTAGE GOTH MEETS GLAM

Halloween is one of my absolute, hands-down FAVORITE holidays. You’re encouraged to get crazy with decorations, themes, and over-the-top costumes. What more could a party loving girl ask for? So when Marcie Lenick sent over these images from a Vintage Goth Meets Glam Halloween Dinner Party, I was in love! She combined a spooky black + antique yellow color palette with chandeliers and hanging jewels for a unique design.

Marcie picked up some of Martha Stewart’s Halloween bottle labels + other decor for that spooky touch! She filled test tubes with white Good-n-Plenty candies. She served up a dazzling array of creepy treats including chocolate cupcakes topped with a cinnamon chai buttercream (yum!). She also filled puff pastry tart shells with vanilla pudding and dashed with cinnamon and nutmeg. She then added an upside down chocolate melt to the whipped cream to resemble an eyeball (oh so spooky + clever).


2 shots of coffee liqueur
2 shots of butterscotch schnapps
1 shot of white chocolate liqueur
1/2 cup of half and half

Shake + Pour! yields 2 cocktails 

Photos, Styling, + Desserts: Marcie Lenick

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