How to Throw A Favorite Things Party

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Have you heard of a “Favorite Things” Party?  I hadn’t, and when Stephanie of Celebrations & Sweet Creations sent us her Favorite Things party and the background behind it, I got so excited to share it with you all as well!  The premise behind the party is for each guest to bring 5 of their favorite can’t live without items to share with the other guests.  For Stephanie’s party, all items had to be under $6, and they ranged from Lip Gloss, Kitchen Utensils, to a gift card to your favorite ice cream spot.

How the Party Works: When the guests arrive at the party, each guest will write their name on 5 slips of paper, and put in a fishbowl.  Then each guest will pick 5 slips of paper out of the bowl (being careful to not pick themselves!) to hold on to for when they introduce their favorite things.  One by one they will show the group their favorite item, and then one of the names they pulled will get to take that item home!

It definitely is a fun twist on a Girl’s Night Out, complete with sweets to eat and wine of course!

Party Credits
Bags & Ribbon – Michaels Craft Store
Scratch Off Cards and Cupcakes – Made by Stephanie
Photography – Stephanie Campagna Photography

Some Pizzazzerie Favorites! 

Pizzazzerie Favorite Things

  1.  Christian Dior Mascara – {Courtney}
  2. Austin Slow Burn Queso – {Kelly}
  3. Food Network Magazine – {Courtney}
  4. Large Gold Fringe Hoop Earrings – {Katie}
  5. Snapple Peach Tea – {Katie}
  6. Linen Spray- Shown Caldrea Lavender Pine – {Courtney}
  7. Burt’s Bees – {Katie}
  8. Michael Kors Chronograph Watches – {Kelly}
  9. Mom’s Original’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels – {Katie}
  10. Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer  – {Kelly}

And not pictured, but equally as fabulous from Crista is her own ‘can’t live without’ moisturizer – Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer, Sam Edelman Shoes (my fav too!), and Alexis Bittar jewelry!

Have you thrown a Favorite Things party or do you have a favorite item of your own?  We want to hear about it in our comments!

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