Summer Blackberry Treat Table!

Blackberry Summer Treat Table!

Did you catch our Blackberry Mojitos from last week? Oh yes, the blackberry obsession continues, y’all! You might have seen some sneak peeks of this treat table on Instagram! I’m excited it’s LIVE! The purple color is such a gorgeous hue, and one that I surprisingly don’t style with that often. Why? No idea because it clearly is quite gorgeous. All my blackberry lovers, rejoice! This isn’t just a recipe, though. It’s a blackberry treat table filled with lots of tasty blackberry desserts! It’s the perfect accompaniment to any summer celebration, bridal shower, baby shower, or even a backyard wedding! The look is easy to reproduce with my top tips below.

Blackberry Treat Baskets with muffins!Set up a gorgeous blackberry treat table! Set up a gorgeous blackberry treat table! Set up a gorgeous blackberry treat table! Set up a gorgeous blackberry treat table! Set up a gorgeous blackberry treat table! Blackberry Cupcakes + Mini Pies


  1. Design your table in shades of purple and lavender. If you can’t find a purple tablecloth, you can pick up purple fabric at a craft store, or white would also be a pretty choice.
  2. White dishes make the purple treats pop, so use plain white cake stands or other fluted dishes. You can often find white dishes at home stores, but clear glass lined with a pretty napkin would also work well.
  3. The key to a pretty treat table is – you got it, treats! Provide a wide variety of sweet desserts, all with blackberries, as the highlight. Here are a few ideas…  Blackberry Cupcakes, Pound Cake with Blackberries, Mini Blackberry Pies, Blackberry Muffins/Scones, Blackberry Parfaits | It can definitely be tricky to prepare lots of desserts along with the table decorations, so don’t be afraid to visit your local bakery for a little help. Adorn a bakery pound cake with blackberries for a quick dessert, for example!
  4. Sip in style! Keep it easy and simple by serving up blackberry spritzer bottles (or make your own with blackberry syrup and soda water). Fancy it up with blackberries floating in champagne!
  5. Sweet favors: send guests home with breakfast the next morning! Fill mini woven baskets (craft store find) with blackberry muffins. Line them with a striped purple and white napkin and adorn with a purple bow.
  6. Flowers! Purple daisies in milk glass vases add a touch of country garden to this sweet blackberry treat table.
  7. Recreate the look with a strawberry treat table, blueberry treat table, etc. You get the idea! Pick your favorite fruit and get styling. Your guests will love the sweet treats and beautiful decorations for this backyard party!
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