2017 Christmas Cards with Minted

Christmas Cards from Minted by Pizzazzerie

This year, I have partnered with Minted for my family’s Christmas cards, and I’m excited to share them with you! Their designs and quality are the best, and I love flipping through all the options with my own photo (it makes it a lot easier). If you don’t have cards, there are is still time! Check the top of the Minted website because there are lots of promo codes still going on, so it’s NOT TOO LATE to order! And if you don’t have your photo ready, then just send a “New Year’s Card”. I actually think some of the New Year’s designs are the absolute cutest!

I think I have it pretty easy since I only have one child (and a husband) to get smiles out of so we figured we would add George the dog in this year. He made an appearance a couple of years ago as a puppy so it was time he returned. My book photographer Evin Krehbiel photographed our Christmas cards this year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out! It was a chilly and humid Tennessee morning and we had a wild dog and three year old on our hands. We had already had to reschedule once due to rain, so I’m thankful we found a time that worked! We did have to get Evin to slowly say “Do you see a squirrrreelllll???” while she shot to get George focused but whatever it takes, right? Everything was worth it because I adore the photos and had the hardest time selecting the “winning” photo for our Christmas cards. I love what we chose though!

Minted Holiday Christmas Cards

We chose the “Festive Name” holiday cards designed by Jessica Williams who also happens to live in Nashville, TN! I love that Minted shares the designer’s information for each of their cards. It’s simple, which I love. I had a hard time narrowing it down with a few other calligraphy-style cards, but this one won! There are lots of foil-pressed designs too and not just in gold. There is silver, rose gold, etc. So if you love a touch of metallic, you’re in luck! For a tip, if you are clicking around at different styles, just save the designs you like so you don’t have to go search for them later. You can then just go to “saved” and view all your saved designs there to pick from. Easy peasy!

I tried out their “smooth signature” paper and found it to be perfect! My favorite part though is that Minted addresses the letters and puts return addresses on all envelopes too. This saves so much time. Plus, it’s all cute and matches the design. I don’t love my handwriting nor sitting to address them all so the fact that the envelopes show up already addressed is amazing. Put the stamp on and out the door they go. That’s probably the main reason I actually got my cards off in the first week of December this year. Truth! :)

Christmas Card from Minted

For a splurge, custom stamps are another fun element, especially because our local post office is always running out of holiday-themed stamps. So you can choose from pre-selected holiday designs or design your own from Minted. Amazing!

We chose another favorite shot from out photo session with Evin for the back of the card. I adore this capture Blakely laughing, it perfectly captures her little joyful spirit! You can select several shots if you had a hard time narrowing it down! Plus, you can write a little message (which is great for listing out names or even giving a new home address if you have moved).

2017 Christmas Cards Courtney Whitmore

If you want to take a look at our past Christmas cards, you can view them below. It’s SO CRAZY to look back and see how much Blakely has grown. It has all gone by so fast. I always heard other parents say “it goes by in an instant” or similar thoughts, but you don’t truly understand it until you become a parent. I still feel like I am sitting in the hospital bed holding a tiny 6 pound Blakely. It’s completely baffling how she is already a spunky and sweet three year old. But alas, here we are! Also, I have no idea why I didn’t post the  2013 Christmas Cards, ha! It must have been a wild year. But 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2012 are below!

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