6 Week Baby Update + Blog News!

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6 Weeks. What? Can’t be. I was totally just telling the lady at hospital registration that I was “for sure not going into labor and she would see me walk out in 2 seconds as soon as they confirmed it was a false alarm”. Yep, Blakely is 6 weeks! I wanted to give a little update on how she’s doing, how I’m doing, and some blog news.

Let’s start with the news. When I started Pizzazzerie.com I was newly dating my now-husband and focused the site solely on party ideas. That hasn’t changed in 4 years. I rarely write anything personal though I did share my wedding and have since shared a few baby updates. I’ve debated writing personal posts for quite some time. I wondered “will my readers care about baby news”? Should I stick to strictly party and party food posts or sprinkle a little more of “me and my life” in there? Since I like sprinkles (ha), I’ve decided to do just that. I’ll still be posting my main purpose for the site – party and party foods – but with a little of me thrown in here and there. I hope you’ll continue following along with me in this crazy journey of life!

The last 6 weeks of my life has been a total tornado whirlwind. It’s nuts! Here are a few updates and things I’ve discovered on this motherhood journey.

1. Growing. Blakely is getting some weight on her! She was a wee little one and lost quite a bit of weight after birth so we’re loving that she’s up to 8 1/2 pounds (ironically what I weighed when I was born). I love the little rolls that are forming. So cute.

2. Sleep. Are we sleeping through the night? Heck no. Ok, so it’s not so bad but she doesn’t like sleeping on her back at all so we are struggling with insisting that she does go down on her back. Generally, we’re up every 3 hours for about an hour and a half. Do the math :)

3. Breastfeeding. Not something I thought I’d talk about on this site – ever- but it’s now a major part of my life. It’s pretty much all-consuming but I’m proud to say we’re 6 weeks in and still going strong! I want to throw confetti. Seriously.

4. Advice. If you’re about to have your first baby, one thing you’ve probably already learned is that everyone and their dog wants to give you advice. I generally love it (I mean, what the heck am I doing? I need you other Moms out there to tell me how things worked for you!) but do not feel guilty if the “savor these moments because they’re only this small for a minute” or “soak it in because it goes by so fast” pieces of advice give you a sudden “oh gosh I need to stop and smell the roses NOW” feeling. They sent me through a stress-induced meltdown during the first couple of weeks. With trying to figure out how to even function with a c-section recovery, feedings that required lots of lactation consultant assistance, and everything else that hits you when you have a baby – I was actually becoming stressed that I wasn’t having peaceful hours to stare at my baby. I was totally just going through the motions to get weight on her, jaundice under control, and recovery underway. And you know what? That was fine with me. I’ve certainly found those times to savor now but it took a couple of weeks of nonstop chaos to get a routine down that included bonding moments.

5. Henry. Lots of people have asked how Henry is doing with his new baby sister. He’s interested but not “too interested” which is how I like to keep it. He does lots of drive-bys of her swing and bouncer for quick check-ups if she’s crying. It’s cute.

6. 20-Minutes. That’s the usual amount of time I have before she wakes up from any attempt at a nap she is taking. So if it can be done in 20 minutes, I’m all over it. If it takes longer than that, then it isn’t getting done. No really.

7. Arms. I didn’t even have a big baby but hauling that car seat with her in it has about pulled my arm off. We’re now mastering the art of baby-wearing but sometimes I do just have to carry the car seat. I look forward to the most toned right arm in the world by the end of summer.

8. Joy. I feel more joy and happiness than I ever have! I still can’t believe this little baby is here. She’s a combination of me and my husband – sounds obvious but when you really think about it, it’s just the sweetest display of love. We are so thrilled with all her sweet smiles, coos, and “firsts”. I look forward to sharing more of her life here soon!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this new season in your life Courtney! So happy for you!! Your baby is beautiful!!

  2. Awe ;) I love this!
    I’ve been a follower of yours for some time in Instagram but I’ve never commented here before!
    I love the baby update! I am expecting my first baby in October, so of course thus interests the heck out if me ;)
    We find out what we’re having on Tuesday ;) I can’t wait!
    Best to you!

    1. Thank you soo much!! Finding out the gender is seriously the most fun part of the pregnancy!! ENJOY!

  3. YAY for the baby updates you know how I feel about Blakely and Lord of the Manor Henry :-) Glad your finding the Joy in the Journey you are an AWESOME Mommy.

  4. Congrats on surviving the past 6 weeks! We are starting to share more personal stories on Sew Woodsy about Ryder. I couldn’t agree more about it taking fine to soak it all in.

    1. Thanks Katie!! Excited that you’ll be sharing personal stories too! This is a wild journey that totally should be documented ;)

  5. I’m so excited to see this, Courtney. There’s nothing like having a baby that makes you want to share the baby thoughts and mama feelings and updates. I love your blog and I’m excited to see more! xoxo

    1. Thanks Erin!! I love your blog as such an inspiration for sharing family stories/journey :) Excited to have my own little family to share!

  6. I love that you’ll be sharing some little bits of what make up the rest of your life, aside from cupcakes and confetti! :) Blakely is a doll and you seem to be rocking motherhood! I’m currently 16 weeks with our first little one {Cole Thomas… it’s a boy! I know nothing about boys! haha} & I’m now so curious to see how other bloggers juggle it all. It is inspiring! Best wishes to you as you continue to find the balance in this beautiful new part of life! xo

    1. Hi Dianna!! I totally have no idea how to juggle it all but let’s just say — the baby swing is pulled right over to the photo shoot area and we go with it!! HAHA. SO excited for you! You’ll ROCK IT! Can’t wait to follow your journey too! :)

  7. Love your blog including the wedding and baby sprinkles! Congrats on BFing 6 weeks – I am coming up on the 8 month mark and can’t believe how much easier it gets. Hang in there and Blakely is beautiful!

    1. HI! LOVE hearing that it gets a little easier :) My goal is 9 months so we will see!! Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  8. She is a doll, and you my dear are doing an amazing job. I will say, with my second, who was much more of a sleeper, those savor the moment times were somewhat possible. With my first, who thought sleep was her mortal enemy, just surviving was the focus, I was a mess. Sleep deprivation is no joke, and you do whatever you have to do to get through. And you will get through, but dang, it was one of the hardest times in my life, I repeatedly thought I was going to go clinically insane, and so few people seemed to admit to ever feeling that way. “Just swaddle that baby up and she’ll sleep”… um, yeah, for some sure, but not all. So hang in there, you are doing awesome and I can’t wait to see all that you have to share. And hugs to Henry, who hopefully isn’t hiding his paws under the rug too often. :)

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