Organize Your Craft + Party Supplies!

Organize Your Craft & Party Supplies in 2016!

Alright girlfriends, this is the year you finally organize all that ribbon. And banners you can’t say no to at Target. And party hats you “might need sometime”. And plates. And cocktail napkins because a true hostess can never have too many cocktail napkins. All the things, friends. ALL.THE.THINGS. need a home. 2016 is the year you will get it organized. Maybe it’s a closet you devote to your craft/hobby/party supplies. Or maybe it’s under a bed. Wherever you have a little nook, I’m showing you some of my favorite finds for keeping all organized!



Mod Storage Bin - Organizing Craft Supplies

Bronze Dotted Cube

I adore these mod storage cubes. Perfect for hiding clutter like glue guns, scrapbook paper, spray paint cans, etc.


Black and White Striped Storage Box, Organize Craft Supplies

Black/White Stripe Storage Bins

Boxes with lids are for the really cluttered items that you want to hide but still need.


Modern Storage Box, Organizing Craft Supplies

Gold Rimmed Striped Cube

These cubes are perfect for stacking paper plates/cutlery for parties!


Metallic Storage Box, Organize Your Craft Supplies in Style!

Metallic Printed Storage Bins

Same as above, use these for all that clutter! Box it up and label the outside!


Copper Handled Wire Storage Bin, Organize in Style!

Wire Storage Bin

I love wire storage bins for items you need to visually see like folded fabrics (so you know what colors you have) or ribbon!


Gallon Glass Jar, Organize Ribbon, Washi Tape, etc!

Gallon Glass Jar

Gather all your little items in neat jars. I own several of these and line them up on a shelf for items like washi tape, small spools of ribbon, glue sticks, markers/crayons, etc.


Gold Rimmed Pinboard, SO CUTE!

Gold Edged Pinboard

I ordered this pinboard, it’s my favorite! Hang up everything from reminders,coupons, notes, or inspirational images!


Organize Craft Supplies like glue guns, scissors, etc.

Over The Door Pocket Organizer

This is an inexpensive way to visually see lots of your craft supplies from glue to scissors and everything in between! I have one on almost every closet door.


Gold Wall Hooks, Organize in Style

Gold Wall Hooks

Hang up scissors, tote bags, or other larger items on pretty gold hooks! It gets them off the floor so no more “piles” laying around! I like to hang my garlands/banners on these so I can see what I have!


Organization tip: hang napkins and tablecloths on wire hangers!

Wire Hangers

If you use fabric in your crafting or have lots of tablecloths like I do, use these as a great way to store lots of fabrics in a closet!


Rolling White Cart, Organize Craft Supplies!

White Rolling Cart

At less than $20, this rolling cart is fabulous! You can move it from room to room and store sewing items, kid’s craft items, etc. I LOVE IT! You could even spray it a fun color too!

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