{DIY} Free Fonts for Parties 2

I received lots of feedback on Facebook + Twitter that you wanted more free fonts for parties (and everyday use) so here you go…! Enjoy! If you missed the first round, click here to see the post!

We also had some questions on HOW you get them installed on your computer! So here is my best shot at answering that. I have a Windows (not a Mac). I click download and a .zip file begins saving to my downloads folder. I open it, select the TTF file (True Type). It shows the font (the alphabet of the font) and up at the top I see an “install button”. I click that, wait, then close that window. I’m all done! I do have to “restart” photoshop or word to see the new fonts. That’s how I install them, but if you have a Mac or need more assistance, here is a good tutorial on installing fonts for Windows + Macs!

This beautiful + swirled font is called RESPECTIVE, and it is one of my favorites. Perfect for wedding menus, fancy party labels, + monograms!
This font is called LOBSTER, and I think it’s so simple yet stylish. It reminds me of a darling little girl’s lemonade stand party! It could be used for almost any party, however, as it is a very versatile font!

This font’s name, CHOCOLATE FACTORY, says it all! Perfect for a Willy Wonka themed party or a chocolate tasting party! Cute, easy to ready, and best of all – FREE!

Hosting a tailgate or sports-themed party is great for the guys, so jazz your party up a bit with table signs + place cards printed with COLLEGIATE font!

Everyone needs a simple, lovely, and sweet font that is perfect for baby showers, tea parties, and other sweet little soirees. MATILDE is one of my new faves!

Bellarose is another simple font, but I think it is a font that can be used for lots of occasions. When you are bored with your typical times new roman, try this one!

More to come down the road!

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  1. Carrie Rowe says:

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for these 2 posts on free fonts. These are so adorable!! I’m relatively new to blogging & know next to nothing about graphics. I didn’t even know you could add fonts until I saw your post. Now I’m making my own blog header. So thank you again!

  3. Lamielle Lincke says:

    Hi, I am new to your website and I love your blogs and all. Thank you for the inspiration. Also I would like to ask, where can I get these fonts? It says free and I am wondering where to click and download it. Please correct my understanding. Thank you and happy Monday! :D

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Lamielle! If you click on the NAME of the font (it’s in green) – it will send you over to the site where you can download it. They all come from various free font sites around the web, but I have linked them all (the name of them).

  4. Lamielle Lincke says:

    Oh, I got it. Thank you so much. :)

  5. Anyone know how to download to a Mac?

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