{DIY} Free Fonts I Love for Party Decor

When setting out to make a party truly unique, it all comes down to the paper elements for me {the placecards, menus, labels, gift tags, favor tags, signs, etc}. Styling these elements truly pulls a party together from the moment the guests walk in the door. Think about it, the invitation is the first element of the party that guests receive so it sets the stage for what’s to come. If you’re like me, you enjoy doing some elements of the party yourself! One of my favorite ways to lose an hour without realizing it (whoops!) is finding amazing fonts online. Not all fonts are free, but I have compiled several that are free for your use! So install them on your computer and get printing! Or use them in your blog if you have one!

First up is MARCELLE which is the epitome of “old school”, which I love for back-to-school or college-themed parties. It is also fun for music/band parties or “old-timey” vintage looks.

Next favorite is ANTROKAS, a font I love to use in posts a lot. It adds a little something on top of images when you want a funky yet scripted look! This would be cute for all sorts of parties like bachelorettes, birthdays, etc! Note: It can have a tendency to be hard to read so I often bold this font.

Looking for a whimsical + sassy little font? Look no further than MA Sexy! Another fave of mine for party posts, this font is super cute for printing out labels for birthdays parties, girl’s nights, wine nights, holidays, spa parties, etc!

Living in Nashville (and born in Texas), I naturally have an affinity for a good pair of cowboy boots, cocktails in mason jars, and a good ol’ WESTERN PARTY. This font, Captain Howdy, is the perfect one!

Circus + Carnival paties are ALL.THE.RAGE. from kids’ birthdays to fun dinner party themes. You can “circus” up just about any party. We even featured a Carnival themed Wedding! So head Under The Big Top without breaking the bank – enjoy CIRCUS font for free!

Alright all you closet-Twilight fans, this one is for you! Last year, I styled a Vampire Dinner Party for Nashville Lifestyles Magazine + used a similar vampire-style font! This one, fittingly titled Vampire, is free!

Hope you all enjoyed these free fonts! If you like this post, let me know + I’ll post another round of fave free fonts again soon!


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    1. Anonymous says:

      More coming soon!!! Glad y’all like them! :)

  1. Krissy Cartwright says:

    Very very cool. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Anonymous says:

      HAHA! I’m the same way when I look at signs too. + logos!

  2. Wendygonzalez909 says:

    I downloaded but for some reason I doesn’t let me save in FONTS folder …any help out there?

  3. michael helander says:

    Thanks for the share!

  4. Heidi / foodiecrush says:

    Always love a new font. And free fonts are haute hot.

  5. I’m always looking for new fonts! Antrokas ist really nice :)

    Best Wishes,

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