Celebrate the Oscars with Popcorn (& Printable Bingo)

Oscars Viewing Party with #Popcorn Free Printable Bingo!

I must admit, I’m all about awards season. From the red-carpet fashion to cheering for my favorite stars, Oscars night is one of my favorite nights. My husband has dubbed it my “big game”, and I feel that is appropriate. Ha! It’s not complete without popcorn, of course. My favorite is G.H. Cretors Popped Corn! So I wanted to show you a little peak into my Oscars night in hopes of inspiring you to add a little fun to your own viewing party this year, even if it’s just you and the hubs kicking back to relax!

Oscars Viewing Party with #Popcorn Free Printable Bingo!

Now, when it comes to viewing parties of any sort, popcorn is a non-negotiable addition. I’m all about the flavors, but I like to keep it simple so ready-made mixes are key. This leaves more time for me to get the little one to bed, find champagne, and watch the early red-carpet coverage. My favorites are The Mix (a caramel and cheese combo) and Cheese Lovers Mix (a mix of 4 bold cheeses). I like to pour them into a few small bowls so it’s perfect for taste-testing and snacking throughout the Oscars.

Oscars Viewing Party with #Popcorn Free Printable Bingo!

If you’re hosting a larger Oscars party, set up the flavors “bar style” and let guests build their own favorite mixes. To keep things TV-centric, set it all up on the coffee table or wheel over a bar cart to store all the treats.  You could even make little bags of popcorn with a red, black, or white bow as a party favor!

Oscars Viewing Party with #Popcorn Free Printable Bingo!

To keep things fun, I have downloadable Oscars Bingo boards for you! Who doesn’t love a little competition, right? There are 4 different boards to download so you can play with the whole fam. My favorite part? You can use the POPCORN as game pieces. If you can avoid eating it, of course. ;)

If you want to add a few extra touches to your viewing party space, I suggest low vases of red or white roses, champagne, black and white cookies, and your coziest throw blankets. Add that to your popcorn mixes and you have the combination for a winning Oscars night!

Oscars Viewing Party with #Popcorn Free Printable Bingo!

The Mix and Cheese Lovers Mix are my personal faves, but you can find find all the G.H. Cretors Popped Corn flavors here.

Download the Bingo boards here:





When an event happens (aka a “Red Dress” is spotted), use a popcorn piece to mark off that square. Whoever gets to 5 horizontally, vertically or diagonally first wins.

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