How to Make Oreo “Dirt” Pudding Treats

How to Make Oreo "Dirt Pudding" Treats, Less Mess Style!

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Hi Pizzazzerie readers! Cara here from One Swell Studio!  Summertime is in full swing!  Around here, our days are spent playing outside–morning, afternoon, & evening.  I can’t seem to convince these two little boys of mine to EVER come inside.  They’re entirely too busy digging in the dirt, making mud pies and searching for earthworms.

I’m forever trying to think of fun crafts and snacks that incorporate their favorite things– and I have to say, these Oreo “Dirt” Pudding Treats were a HUGE hit with my boys.  And bonus– they can help put together their own snack.  A snactivity, if you will!   ;)

You might remember the “Less Mess S’mores” we created last summer.  Those were so much fun & it was so quick and easy to mix everything together inside the little snack pouch.  Piggybacking on that idea, I knew I just HAD to create these quick & easy dirt salad pouches.

Growing up, I remember loving dirt salad.  (Hello, Oreos & gummy worms?!  Yes, puh-lease!)  Seeing it displayed in a cute sandbucket with a little shovel as a serving scoop made me happy.  And who doesn’t love a food that looks like DIRT?!

How to Make Oreo "Dirt Pudding" Treats, Less Mess Style!

This version of dirt salad is a little bit faster to make & a LOT easier to clean up than the traditional recipe.  No bowls or dishes needed.  (Hooray for that!)  Here’s what you’ll need to create your own.  Oh!  And be sure grab your kiddos for this one– they’ll love it!

  1. 1 pouch of mini Oreo cookies (snack size)
  2. 1 snack-sized vanilla pudding cup (chilled)
  3. About 2 tablespoons of Cool Whip (thawed)
  4. a few gummy worms 
  • Start by tearing the corner off of one side of the Oreo pouch.  (Try to keep the hole small to avoid losing cookies later on!)  Tearing a hole in the pouch helps release the air inside so that you’ll be able to crush the cookies better.
  • Next, crush those cookies!  My boys loved squishing & crunching those little cookies.  You’ll want to be sure that the pieces are pretty fine before moving onto the next step– but some folks do seem to like a mixture of small and large cookie chunks in their dirt salad, so it’s up to you!  We used a variety of techniques from a rolling pin, to just using our hands, to pounding the bags with a kitchen mallet.  See which method you like best & go with it!
  • Using roughly half of the snack-sized pudding cup (each pudding cup with make two pouches), spoon the pudding into the Oreos bag carefully.  Then do the same with about 2 Tbsp. of thawed Cool Whip.  Try to push the pudding and Cool Whip to the bottom of the bag with a spoon.  Stir the cookie/pudding/Cool Whip mixture around inside the bag until all of the cookies are evenly distributed throughout the bag.
  • Now comes the fun part.  Grab those wiggly gummy worms and toss a few of them into the bag for a squishy surprise.

How to Make Oreo "Dirt Pudding" Treats, Less Mess Style!

Enjoy your very own personal dirt salad pouch.  (And *really* enjoy the quick & easy clean up after you’re all done.  Tah-dah– just throw that bag away!) If you’re looking for a memorable summertime snack that will get your kids giggling, this is definitely a must try!

How to Make Oreo "Dirt Pudding" Treats, Less Mess Style!

Cara is the owner/designer behind One Swell Studio. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, she discovered the world of party planning & soon found herself deeply in love with styling dessert tables & designing party decor. She opened the virtual doors to her Etsy shop, One Swell Studio, in December 2010.  Read more about Cara here…

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