The Happy List 8/29

Banana Split Pie I’m a day late on this week’s Happy List, oops! I’ve been knee deep in some fun collaborations that I can’t wait to share soon. That and my fam has come down with some weirdo summer cold/allergies combo that can just pack up and move on please because “ain’t nobody got time for that”! Meanwhile, I continue my quest to mini-fy all the foods so stay tuned for more! Who’s ready for some happy links?

  • You know those monthly subscription boxes? Well, this one is free + the samples are fab. My 1st box just came, it was definitely a happy mail day! Go sign up for PINCHMe.
  • Silhouette just released their new Curio machine! Look for some fun DIYs coming soon, I can’t wait to play with mine. If you snag one, use code PIZZAZZERIE for a fun savings ;)
  • If you haven’t seen this video popping up on social media, watch it. The sweet lady in the middle front….you are welcome!
  • Banana Split Pie (pictured above) is my current favorite way to hold onto the end of summer. My recipe is here.
  • Finally gave my domain a refresh (2 years overdue).
  • Speaking of videos, little miss priss hit the asphalt this week. Here you go.

  • A travel stick that cleans your ring…. I’m intrigued! Does anyone have this thing?
  • I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking up dog costumes this week. But really, what should George be for Halloween?!
  • If you’re headed to Nashville soon, I made a list of top eats not to miss!
  • A little motivational quote for your week…

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

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