Courtney’s Top 10 Gifts for the Holidays!

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1. Livescribe’s Sky wifi smartpen: I was thrilled to test out this new product and ya’ll, it’s a winner! Perfect for the techie in your life, this pen has revolutionized my note-taking and drawings. I spend countless hours doodling ideas on notepads in waiting rooms, parking lots, airports, conferences, etc. and now we have a way to digitize those ideas and keep them organized (organization is my theme for 2013). If you are often sharing ideas via email or have partners in your creative biz, this really helps explain things since you can now share your drawings! Or if you’re like me and lose papers at the bottom of your purse, this will help! {click to shop}

2. Kate Spade Phone Cases: Truly, I should list Kate Spade in general. I mean, her iconic brand was the main inspiration for my wedding design (which will be on Martha Stewart weddings at the start of the new year – eeeh!). Anyway, these eye-popping patterns in gilded and colorful designs are perfect for adding some whimsy to your daily life. Me? I’m dying over the gold + white stripe! {click to shop}

3. Southern Saying Prints: 3 of these beauties are framed above my computer in my office! I chose “hey ya’ll, heavens to besty, and hold your horses” but choose your faves and hang them up! Mine are gold foil but you can also get them in vibrant colors in the Stephanie Creekmur shop. Adorable! Now, to find more spots for them in my home…

4. iGrill: I was lucky enough to try out this fab new technology thanks to Jennie-O Turkey! It syncs right up to your iPhone or Android through the free app. It’s bluetooth enabled and alerts you (up to 200 feet) when your meat is ready so sit back and sip on some champagne, ladies, because this little device takes out the “hold on, let me go check on the steak again” problem! Let’s just say that several guys in my life have this in their stockings. {click to shop}

5. Ribbon? Yes ribbon: This is the ribbon I used in my wedding, and you might find it strange to see ribbon on a holiday gift list. However, if you’re a crafter, party planner, wedding planner, teacher, or just plain into “pretty” then you would be like me if your stocking contained this gorgeous striped ribbon – happy as a bird with a fry. {click to shop}

6. Calligraphy Course: I have heard nothing but wonderful words about this online calligraphy course offered by Melissa Esplin. If you love “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over handwritten prints and designs on Pinterest and wedding magazines, then jump in the game, girls! You never know, you could discover that you are madly talented in this fine art. Or if you’re not (like me), you’ll still find that calligraphy is relaxing and super fun. {click to shop}

7. Silhouette Portait: Obsessed doesn’t exactly “cut” it, ya’ll! This little machine is mighty and totally fabulous. Here are some quick ornaments I made with it. It cuts almost everything (fabric too!). {click to shop}

8. Edge Champagne Flutes: I’d drink soda out of these beauties! For real. I love their “modern chic” look. They’re perfect for the perpetual hostess in your life! Thanks to Crate & Barrel for these gorgeous flutes – and only $4.95 each – love!. {click to shop}

9. Whisk Necklace: This is just too cute not to get for the baker or “sweets” lover in your life. It comes in silver + gold! AND, if you ask me, your gift tag should read “Whisk-ing you a Merry Christmas”. Just sayin’! {click to shop}

10. Monogrammed Napkins: Pick a bright hue + corresponding thread color for a personalized gift perfect for newlyweds or your favorite party-thrower! This etsy shop has darling gifts for a reasonable price, too! {click to shop}


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  1. I have the gold striped kate spade iPhone case, and its in prettier in person! Definitely one of my favorite purchases!

  2. Love your list Courtney. I love the southern fave is the lord have mercy and I checked her etsy shop out and added her to my circle. The ribbon is not strange, I have a collection of ribbon and I too started it each time I fount pretty ribbon on clearance after the holidays or something pretty I found. You can always you it to wrap a gift, make tags, wrap around a ziplog bag for cute cookie bag gifts during the holidays, and for favor bags oh I could go on. the calligraphy course link did not work? I so like the wisk necklace I would wear this.

  3. I love these picks! So beautiful. I am obsessed with everything Kate Spade and am getting married next year so you just gave me some great ideas ;) I’m not-so-subtally passing on this list to my fiancĂ©.

  4. Great list! I ordered my wedding ribbon from the same company 10 years ago!

  5. Great picks!!! I love the champagne flutes from crate and barrel. Merry Christmas to you and the “boys” — I hope its one of your best yet. <3

  6. Oh my! I am honored to be included on this list! Thank you so much, and love your blog. Instant fan :-)
    Thanks again, Frances {whisk pendant}

  7. Love the Calligraphy Course idea. Might have to put that in my own stocking!

  8. Leslie Salisbury says:

    I LOVE this list!!! It has now become my wish list! Thanks for your awesome ideas-a new favorite page:)

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