Cute + Easy Valentine’s Day Toffee

Cute + Easy Valentine's Day Toffee!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! To me, that means one month closer to this baby girl – aah! I’m knee deep in nursery swatches but had to stop and share this recipe I recently created for eHow!

If you’re looking for a cute + easy treat for Valentine’s Day, then check out my recipe over on eHow! You’ll find step-by-step pictures and instructions for recreating this tasty toffee. Enjoy!

And check back soon for some free printables that are sure to add a little “pizzazz” to your V-Day!

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  1. This looks amazing Courtney! Can’t wait for the printables!!!

  2. It looks too pretty as a whole to cut up!! So cute. and I want to see a baby update post!

    1. Thanks Joanna! I’ll do a baby update post soon! xoxo

  3. Do u have a email blog thing?

    1. Hi Natalie! Not sure exactly what you mean! If you mean getting email updates of new blog posts – then yes! Just click here: and follow the directions at the top for receiving updates via email!

  4. Mireya Pizarro says:

    Oh I was planning on making chocolate pops but I may have to reconsider. I love love toffee!

  5. You make me to have idea on the next valentine for my boyfriend. Thank for sharing post.

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