{DIY} Lavender Easter Brunch

purple easter brunch

Lavender Easter Brunch

Lavender is such a soft pastel color and wonderfully Easter!  This Easter table is all shades of lavender and so fantasticallly elegant! The centerpiece was made using rye grass and lavender cupcakes.  Just take small purple tulips, wrap a little aluminum foil on the bottom of the stem and push into the cupcakes. Simple + elegant! We tapped the talents of one of our FAVORITE cookie designers, Gina of Jimemmajack Cookies to design the perfect Easter egg cookies. Visit Jimemmajack Cookies’ facebook page for lots of pictures + news about her cookies! She blew us away with her creativity and attention to detail. The cookies were our favorite part of this celebration! Read on for more details + tutorials for ROYAL EASTER EGGS, RYE GRASS CENTERPIECES, + COFFEE CAKE BASKETS!

purple lavender easter cookies

purple lavender tulip cupcake flowers EASTER

easter decorated tree lavender 2

easter decorated tree lavender

purple easter cookies

purple easter apothecary jars

rye grass centerpiece for easter

Tutorial – Rye Grass Centerpiece:

Fill a plastic plant liner with potting soil
Water the soil until soggy
Sprinkle grass seed generously on top of the soil
Place in a bright sunny area
Keep moist and you should have a nice stand of grass in 7 to 8 days
Place the grass liner on a silver tray or china plate
Arrange with lavender cupcakes in the grass or china rabbits, eggs etc
Using rye grass is a marvelous way to bring the outside inside.

royal easter eggs

Tutorial – Royal Easter Eggs (perfect for decorating a centerpiece tree)

Create Royal Easter Eggs as elegant as Faberge Eggs just by using small plastic Easter eggs and pieces of lace dipped in fabric stiffener.  Use yellow lace with peach colored eggs or pink lace with lavender eggs for an interesting contrast.  Good colors to use are yellow, pink, green and lavender.  Cut pieces of 6X6-inch lace and dip into fabric stiffener.  Squeeze and wrap the lace around the egg.  Gather the lace at both ends and secure with a thin rubber band or a short piece of pipe cleaner.  Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Dry overnight.  After they are dry, cut off the excess lace on both ends.  Hot glue a loop of ribbon to one end of your egg and a small silk flower or pearl at the other end to hide where the lace was gathered.

Make a recipe of Royal Icing Glue.  Divide the icing into four bowls and using food coloring, color the icing a pale pink, yellow, green and lavender.  Fill cake decorator with icing and design eggs.  While the icing is still soft, press in pearls, beads and silk flowers.  Hang on your Easter tree to dry overnight.  Create an Easter tree by cutting a tree branch or small sweet gum tree, securing in a ceramic pot with quick cement and spray the tree and pot with white paint.

Tutorial – Coffee Cake Basket

One more fun idea for your Easter table is to create a Coffee Cake Basket.  Just place a coffee cake on a stand and loop wired ribbon as a handle – tuck the ends under each side of the cake.  Make a bow and attach.  Instant Easter basket coffee cake.

Cookies: Jimemmajack Cookies
Styling: Phronsie Dial
Photography: Courtney Dial

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  1. Sarah/Dreamers Joy Events & Design says:

    Loving this color palette! The lavender/green flower linen is beautiful! Very unique Easter table decor! :)

  2. Love purple, love lavender and I love this layout! Great ideas as usual!

  3. so pretty – I love the color palette of purple and green. And, those egg cookies? . . . AMAZING – beautifully detailed.

  4. This is so gorgeous – what a lovely colour palate – very alice in wonderland! xo

  5. I am just fainting from how gorgeous this is!! I love that you kept one color through the table. It is incredible!

    1. Patti ~ thanks for such a nice compliment! It made my day!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! My favorite color is purple so I LOVE this!!! Where did you get the lavender rimmed dishes and the lavender eggs in the apothecary jar? They are beautiful!!! This is stunning!! I wish I had time to recreate this for our Easter. :-)

    1. Kate:
      The lavender rimmed dishes came from Z Gallerie (great store) about a year ago – always be on the lookout for sales. The eggs in the apothecary jar were just a gathering of all the lavender eggs I could find.
      After season sales is a great time to collection things for your next years celebration. Happy Easter!

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