5 Thanksgiving DIYs for your Little “Turkeys”


I definitely know and enjoy my role on Thanksgiving Day cooking in the kitchen and while that is entertainment enough for me, it is important to consider all the little turkeys that by mid-day have watched just about all the giant inflatables floating down 34th Street to last them a full year.  In an effort to keep the “when are we going to eat”-s down to a minimum, these fun and totally DIY and inexpensive activities will keep them busy until the turkey is cooked…….literally.


  • 2 yards of burlap
  • Gaff Tape
  • 9 Game pieces – I purchased expandable turkey and pumpkin centerpieces at the Dollar Store

Directions: Mark off your board with 9 squares using the gaff tape.  Prepare your game pieces.  Set board on a flat surface.



  • Checkerboard
  • 24 candy game pieces

Directions: In keeping with the holiday, I created chocolate acorns using mini vanilla wafers and Hershey Kisses.  I melted a few Kisses to adhere the Kiss to the wafer and let dry for an hour or more. A standard checkerboard template can be found online and printed on heavy cardstock or you can use the board from a Checkers game.  Print off official Checkers rules online.  Save your pieces for dessert or share with the family.

edible-checkers-for-thanksgiving-turkeysTURKEY BOWLING

  • 10 bowling pins – I purchased expandable turkeys from the Dollar Store
  • Bowling balls

Directions: Set up your pins in a bowling pin formation.  You can line the outside to create an alley or just stand a few feet back and roll your ball.  You can keep score or just play for fun.

pin the tail on the turkey


  • Butcher paper
  • Foam Board
  • Construction Paper – brown, red, yellow, orange
  • Tape
  • Bandana

Directions: Cover the foam board with the butcher paper.  Out of construction paper create your turkey or take inspiration from other animated turkeys.  Cut squares for feathers.  Take turns wearing the bandana over your eyes and pinning the feathers on the tail of the turkey.

thanksgiving activity table for kids


  • Butcher paper
  • Colored Pencils
  • Washable paints

Directions: Cover the top of your kids’ table with butcher paper for some after-dinner activity.  The kids will love coloring on the table and you can frame their masterpiece for many Thanksgivings to come.  Directions for the scrapbook paper baskets can be found here!

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Design & Styling –Amanda Hardin | Photography – Mandy Whitley Photography | Location –MarathonVillage, Nashville | Supplies – Dollar Store, Home Depot, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby

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