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Graphics Shop for Bloggers, Crafters, Party Designers,

SO excited to share this EXCITING new shop that has opened up from my dear friend Kori Clark of Paper & Pigtails. Kori has helped me with more projects than I can even name (from the logo for Spiced to my Rehearsal Dinner). She’s a total party rockstar and someone I truly admire. This graphics shop idea has been in the works for a bit so I’m SO EXCITED it’s open! Are you a blogger, party designer, crafter, photographer, or stationery designer?! Bookmark her shop, y’all! You’ll come runnin’ back because everything is so gosh darn cute.

For me, I always wonder “how do I get a cute little banner across my photo” for a blog post or “I wish I had a silhouette of a mason jar” for this project. Done! Easy! See a sampling of the darling ideas below…

Graphics for Bloggers, Designers, etc!

We asked Kori what inspired her to open the graphics shop: “I have been creating digital illustrations for over 12 years, and all of that time I spent looking for “outlets” where I could use my graphics and illustrations. I used them in photography templates, logos and marketing, party printables, and more…just so that I could keep drawing them. This past fall I realized that the graphics and illustrations themselves have been the heart of my freelance business all along, so why not let them become the outlet? With so many amazing designers, bloggers, photographers, crafters, and DIYers out there that have the knowledge and programs to create their own designs, that I wanted to add to their tool box! As a designer, I loved finding small font websites, where they had a certain style of typography. I knew that when I was looking for something in that style, I could find it quickly on their site instead of looking at the big sites. I wanted to create a similar site for graphics and I am really thrilled to see it come to life!” — Kori Clark

The categories are so great for all types of uses! I love the sweets, treats, & baking (obviously) :) They’re truly all great for jazzing up photos, creating a craft project, enhancing a holiday photo, you name it!


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  1. Nancy McPherson says:

    I have ordered designs from Kori for years … our kindergarten graduation collaboration was even featured here on Pizzazzerie! Can’t wait to dig into the new shop! You will all love it!

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