Blakely’s Princess Tea Party 5th Birthday!

Princess Tea Party

HOORAY! My very favorite post to write each year is Blakely’s birthday party! I am so proud of my sweet girl and love watching her grow up, even if I wish time would slow down a bit! She adores pink, tea parties, and of course – princesses! So it was a no-brainer to throw a sweet Princess Tea Party for her 5th birthday! I know the days will come where she is “over” pink and princesses, so I was in love with the chance to throw her one more girly birthday party!

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Read on for more details about her princess party!

Princess Tea Party Birthday

Princess Tea Party Birthday

Back to this year’s princess tea party! Blakely helped me plan all the sweet details from the tea we served (“cold cold pink lemonade” just like the Palm Court at the Plaza in NYC) to the tutus for each girl to wear at the party.

I have a full list of all resources at the bottom of the post so if you’re looking for where something was purchased, check there! I have also tried to describe each little detail between the photos below so if you’re hosting a tea party or princess-themed birthday party soon, you will hopefully find lots of ideas!

I wanted the party to feel elegant as Blakely loves feeling like a “big girl” having tea. I kept the princess-theme timeless and sweet with touches of crowns in the cakes rather than a lot of specific character-themed decorations.

Princess Party Invitation

First off, invitations! I absolutely ADORE these gold scroll invites we chose. They are on the pricier side, but we only had 6 little girls come so it made it easier. You can find them here on Etsy. I picked up little gold boxes at Michaels and we mailed those out.

Princess Birthday Party
Princess Pink Birthday Party
Pink Birthday Party

For the table, we layered a light pink tablecloth with a pink tulle table skirt that wrapped around it. This was my absolute favorite decoration for the party. It instantly transformed the room into a pink party celebration! This would be very cute for a ballerina-themed party as well. It was also very easy to put on.

Princess Party Cake
Princess Party Tutus

We started off the party with each girl getting a tutu (displayed on this white dress-up clothes hanger) and pearl necklace to wear during the tea party. I tied them with sweet white and pink calligraphy tags (from wabi sabi calligraphy).

Pink Boas for Princess Tea Party
Tea Party for Princesses

Each chair had a sweet little single monogram tin sign (from Hobby Lobby) and a pink feather boa!

Princess Tea Party

Next, the girls got a little lesson from the Fairy Godmother (thanks to my Mom “ZZ” for playing this role!) on how to sit like a princess and sip tea like a princess.

Children's tea Party

The sweet white carriages were bought at Hobby Lobby and originally hot pink. We gave them a few coats of white spray paint and filled them with blooms and pearls.

We used a variety of vases filled with pink peonies, tulips, and roses. We tucked extra princess wands down into the bouquets.

Princess Tea Party

Each girl had a fancy ring, tiara, and princess wand at her place setting. We also had mini white cake stands (picked up for $3 each from Target in their Bullseye section a couple of years ago). These held the individual mini cakes that the girls would paint after lunch (more on that below).

The paper tea plates were one of my favorite party elements! They’re made by Kate Aspen, and I got them at The little tea cups and saucers are by Royal Albert. I probably wouldn’t advise using real china for ages younger than 5, but we had no breakages with our little princesses.

Princess Party Tablescape
Princess Party Cake
Princess Birthday Party
Princess Tea Party
Tea Party Flowers
Princess Tea Party
Princess Tea Party
Princess Tea Party
Princess Tea Party
Princess Tea Party

Next up, we served tea and food to the little ones. We kept it simple but also fun by using cute cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the bread.


  • Pink Lemonade Tea
  • Tea Sandwiches (tiara grilled cheeses, PB&J, turkey and cheese sandwiches)
  • Pink Macarons
  • Popcorn
  • Fruit Cups
  • Princess Party Cake
Princess Party Foods
Princess Party Food

After their tea party lunch, the “Fairy Godmother” taught them all how to walk like a princess, wave like a princess, and curtsy like a princess. After, they each received a certificate from “Princess Academy”. I just designed this myself using Canva and printed right at home.

Princess Certificate

Then, they read a Princess story while the moms and I cleaned up lunch and set up their cake painting activity – MY FAVORITE part of her birthday party.

cake painting for princess party

Next up, we painted cakes! I’ve had so many questions about this activity that I made a separate CAKE PAINTING post with additional details if you are interested in cake painting!

edible cake paint

Lizzie at Copper Whisk Cakes made her birthday cake as well as 7 little 4″ white cakes. They were frosted with a buttercream and kept cold until the party. We gave each little girl a pallet with 100% edible, safe art paints. They are expensive, but it was a much easier solution than diluting gel colors with vodka/lemon-juice as I practiced with that, and it did not work well. I loved the art paints (they come in traditional colors as well as beautiful metallics). We gave the girls sponges and mini brushes. They LOVED IT!

We sent each princess home with their mini cake in a silver box to enjoy at home, and we cut into the larger cake for the party.

For more details, visit my post on Cake Painting!

Cake Painting
Princess Birthday Party

I hope you loved seeing the photos. It was one of my favorite parties, and Blakely told me it was her “best day ever”. I’m so proud of the big girl she is becoming and adored celebrating her 5th birthday!

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Princess Tea Party Sources

Pink Tutus – The HairBow Center
Pearl Necklaces – Target
Calligraphy Tags & PlaceCards –wabi sabi calligraphy
Pink Boas, Tiaras, Crowns, & Rings – Hobby Lobby
Pink Tablecloth – Amazon
Pink Tulle Table Skirt – Amazon
Fairy Godmother cape – Amazon
Tea Cups & Saucers –Royal Albert
Party Plates – Kate Aspen
Cakes – Copper Whisk Cakes
Tea Cup Vase – HomeGoods
Pink Cake Stand – Mosser Glass
Pink Glass Cups – Target
Invitations – Etsy
White Carriages – Hobby Lobby (sprayed white)
Edible Art Paints – Etsy (cake stores might also sell)
White & Gold 3-Tier Stand – Amazon

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  1. I’m bedazzled over Blakey’s princess birthday party. Looks like a magic wand was used throughout the party. Blakey looks very happy. A great job Courtney. Jennifer echos my thoughts????

  2. Love! Her smile says it all-great job Mom and Zizi!

  3. That is the one of the prettiest parties I have ever seen! Lucky little girls.

  4. So pretty!! What’d you use for the arch and garland?

  5. Absolutely beautiful and fun! Very inspirational — lots of great ideas.

  6. Melissa W Altman says:

    Thanks for the information on your party! You party was beautiful! I just order the tulle table skirt for a
    tea party we will have for our little princesses at church. Thanks so much!

  7. What’s your tip for making all those sandwiches in advance and keeping them fresh? Love everything about this princess party! Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Do you happen to have a different link for the invitations? The link provided says there’s a problem… thanks so much!!

  9. Can you link the boxes you used to put the mini cakes in please??

    1. Hi hannah, they were bought at a craft store and I don’t have a link unfortunately. I’m sorry! Check or for similar!

  10. Beautiful! Can you share the name of those pink glasses from target. There doesn’t seem to be a link for them.


    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Hi Emily! They don’t seem to have them anymore, unfortunately! This was a few years ago.

  11. Love this so much! My daughter is turning 8 soon. When you host a tea birthday party such as this for your daughter and her girlfriends, what do you do with the parents? Do they drop off the girls or stay for the tea party, and if the latter, what do you do with the parents and what food do you serve the parents? Thanks!

    1. Hi Susan! Under age 5, the parents tend to stay. 5 and after, it’s a bit how you word it on the invite! I said to drop off the girls and when to pick them up. So no need to serve parents food. When the parents used to stay (younger kids) then I had a few adult type foods and a drink to serve.

  12. Wow!!!!! This is the most gorgeous party!!!!

  13. Hi Courtney! Would you mind sharing where your beautiful dining chairs are from? Thanks!

  14. Roshena Moledina says:

    Can you share your certificate for the princesses ?

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