County Fair Birthday Party!

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I love the vintage look of this County Fair Birthday Party! Growing up, I loved going to the North Carolina State Fair, so fairs have a special place in my heart! The birthday boy’s Mom, Jami,  shared info on the party! “This party wasn’t the average birthday party.  This one had a special twist.  There was 3 complete parties going on at once in our backyard.  Not only was Diesel turning 2 but my soon to be sister-in-law, Kristi, was turning 30, and her daughter, Akaina, was turning 12!  We couldn’t have a party for Diesel and ignore the fact that there was so much more to celebrate so why not have 3 parties!  Each party got their own theme and section of the yard. It was the best kind of chaos!” “I will start with my son, Diesel’s, party first.  I started obsessing about his party mid-May, I would say, and thought the County Fair would be the best choice due to the fact that it would be fair season during “party time” and who doesn’t love going to the fair??!! You cannot go to the fair without eating all the traditional “fair food”, right?? So, those items were a must to have and thanks to the Fisher Scone people for donating a ton of little fair scone bags.   Diesel’s scones looked, oh so, authentic!!  There, of course, had to be pie, caramel corn, chocolate milk, gobs of candy, and on and on!

BEST IN SHOW CONTEST: The next essential item that was a must have was a BEST OF SHOW contest.  Each guest brought a handmade item to enter into the contest and, boy, were there some great entries!! Everyone out-did themselves to the twelth power!! The winner was my mom with her, now, award-winning caramel corn puffs! They were delicious! It was so hard to choose though.  The best part about being a judge was that I got to sample each and every edible entry! yummmmm!

PIE EATING CONTEST: The most fun part for me, though, as an observer and not a participant was the PIE EATING CONTEST.  13 kids surrounded a table where they each got a mini whipped cream pie and at the sound of, “GO!” their faces dove into those pies and without using their hands they gobbled as fast as they could.  That’s where we realized we had award-winning piggies at our fair too!

CREDITS + RESOURCES: Photography by Lindsey  | Printables  by Chickabug | Cupcake Toppers by KandLDesign | Fair Tickets by RisaRocksIt

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    Very cute. I would love to know the name of the font you used in your labels. Would you mind sharing that?

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