Glittery Ballerina Birthday Party

ballerina birthday party table

Amy Oren of Blowout Party submitted this dazzling ballerina party she recently designed for her daughter’s 5th birthday party. Amy is a sweet support of Pizzazzerie and has a fabulous party favor and invitation store, Blowout Party! What I truly love about this party is that Amy did it all herself. Yes, that includes the printables, the desserts, the cake, the backdrop, the ribbon wands, popcorn boxes and cotton candy cones! Super Mom!

The ballerina backdrop is my favorite element. Amy told us a bit about how she made the details! “For the printed papers and boxes, I stuck with a white and pink damask pattern. I used the free templates from Eat Drink Chic for the popcorn boxes, the personalized cup wrappers, and the frame I used for the invitation, the cups, the tutu nametags, and the chocolate wrappers. I designed a ballerina silhouette for the invitation and nametags, and I used the same silhouette for the backdrop. I printed it out at 2300% and then traced it onto a foam board. Then I cut it out and glittered her up! I used fabric and tulle for her tutu for a 3 dimensional look. The backdrop was made to look like a stage with fabric draping, and the ballerina in the center.”

ballerina birthday partyballerina birthday party

ballerina party

Amy shared a bit about the sweet treats! “For the desserts, I made pink popcorn, pink rice crispy treats, cupcakes with ballet slippers and tutus fondant toppers, ballet slipper cookies which had satin ribbon tied through them, and a two tiered fondant covered cake with ballet slippers made out of fondant on top. I used pink buttercream on the cupcakes and stuck a pretty diecut dancing ballerina torso in the cream “skirt”. My favorite dessert were the beautiful pink meringues- they came out prettier than I expected! Again, I stuck in the ballerina pics into the meringues, so it looks like the desserts are dancing!”

ballerina birthday party for little girl

Amy said, “Near the dessert table I had a pink whimsical rack that had pink tutus hanging for each girl. Using a satin pink ribbon, I tied printed name tags to the hangers. At each place setting was a party hat and a ribbon wand. The girls lookedso pretty wearing their tutus and their party hats which had a tulle pom pom and a bow on the side. The girls had so much fun playing freeze dance with their ribbon wands!

ballerina cupcakes

pink popcorn

Images & Party by Amy Oren, Blowout Party

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  1. Linda Loxterman says:

    One of the best! Perfect!! So classy. I’m going to shop on the website right now!

    1. The popcorn boxes are amazing! Can anyone advise instructions on how to make them?

  2. Incredible. No other words to describe, except maybe beautiful, stunning, fabulous. What a lucky little girl!

  3. This is the sweetest, most adorable party! I just love the details… especially the ballerinas in the meringue tutus! Just really a dream scenario for all the little girls I know!

  4. Amy, beautiful job! I love the draping of the backdrop and the meringue tutus are the cutest!

  5. Absolutely adorable and ever so creative!I hae four boys,so I really enjoyed looking atthis!So girly!!!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! So incredible. If possible, could Amy share how she made the pink popcorn and rice krispie treats?

    1. Amy @ Blowout Party! says:

      Hi Melissa, thanks for your sweet words!
      To answer your question, I made the pink rice crispy treats and pink popcorn by using strawberry flavored marshmallow fluff instead of the white stuff. For the popcorn, I used unsalted popcorn, melted some butter and strawberry fluff, and poured it over the popcorn and mixed it together. For both these recipes you can use white marshmallows or fluff, and flavor it with strawberry jello powder after its hot.

  7. Oh my heavens! This is every little girl’s dream. Unbelievable!!!

  8. Wow. It is so PINK and lovely. Is that pink chocolate covered popcorn? The shoe cookies are adorable! And the glitter ballerina with a tutu. So unique.

  9. What an amazing party! The best part is that the mom did it all, I can only imagine how loved this birthday girl must feel.

  10. Wow! Super mom is right! This party is so adorable and simply amazing that everything was done in house!

  11. Naomi/Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs says:

    This is gorgeous!! I’m a pink lover and I want a ballerina baby!

  12. Sarah Kate Snyder says:

    Too adorable – such a little girl’s dream come true!

  13. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this dessert table. Absolute STUNNING!

  14. Orlit chaaya says:

    Bravo Amy, sooo creative and probably deliciously rewarding.. I wait for your blogs.. Definitely inspiring!!!!

  15. I love everything about this party. My favorite thing is the “Ballerina Backdrop”, it really pulls everything together.

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  17. hello! my daughter is celebrating her 5th birthday soon.she’s having ballet class which is why she wanted a ballerina themed party. is it possible to borrow or have the template for the invite?i really want to have the same invite for my daughter’s birthday.unfortunately i don’t know where to get it. hope you could help.thanks so much!

  18. I can not find a ballerina silhoutte anywhere….I need one printed out for a game. Can I get the image? thank you!

  19. i too would love to borrow your template for my daughter’s birthday. thank you!

  20. The party looks amazing! Just what my daughter (ironically Bella and turning 5) wants! I can’t find those templates anywhere! Can you help me find them? Perhaps email me?

  21. honeylie faith belnas says:

    your dessert table is stunning..i got some ideas for my little girl’s ballerina party..thanks a lot!

  22. This is such a cute party idea’s. My currently 8yo daughter has requested a “Ballerina Party” for her 9th birthday. I would love the recipe for the pink popcorn please :)

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