Ladybug Garden Party!

Ladybug Party Table with Yellow Cupcakes

LadyBug Cupcakes

Ladybug Party Wheelbarrow

Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug Garden Party

I love red and yellow together (not just because I’m a Chi Omega). Red and yellow are such fun, vibrant colors! They are perfect for a ladybug party this summer! Be creative with your cupcakes. These were placed on dowels and into small painted pots.

The little red wagon is holding Ladybug Pots from Michael’s and the yellow polka dot glasses came from Pier 1. The red and white polka dot table cloth is 1 1/2-yards of fabric from JoAnn’s. Since it is a garden party, the pots are planted with herbs – parsley, chives, basil. Each guest went home with a potted herb plant with instructions for ┬áMom or Dad to use when cooking dinner!

Tablescape by Pizzazzerie & Phronsie’s Tables

Cupcake Contest: Vote for Ladybug!

Want to know something else fun? 3 Party Experts – Amy Atlas, Kim of The TomKat Studio, and Tori of Thoughtfully Simple – have teamed up for a cupcake contest! Our ladybug cupcake is in the contest, so go vote over on Thoughtfully Simple’s facebook page!

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  1. I love them!!

    I’m planning a garden party soon, and your post is very inspiring! :)

    Thank you

  2. Cute party! I love the colors- soo cute!!

  3. super cute! Love the wagon. I want one of those!

  4. Phronsie!! So I did a few interviews while sitting in La Guardia, and no one really had any idea. But after a little online research, most people think it started in the 1920s as a reference to New York as a premium location for horse racing. Because it was such a heralded city for horse racing, the biggest rewards for horse racers were to be had in New York. And since apples are often used as rewards for horses, New York became the Big Apple!!

    Haha thanks again for helping me pass the time on the plane and in the airport! Hope you are enjoying the Big Apple!

    Ps. I still prefer your guess for why it is called the Big Apple. It was a little anticlimactic to find out that it came from an off-hand reference to horse racing by a sports journalist.

    Pps. I love the ladybug table!!

  5. Beautiful party! May I ask: Where are the lollipops from?

    1. Andrea:
      The lollipops came from Walmart in the spring but
      on the back was: – Then
      I hot glued the lady bug (from Michael’s) onto the
      lollipop – and put it in a doll stand to give it height!
      Kendon Candies, 460 Perrymont Ave., San Jose, Ca.

  6. This party is absolutely adorable! Where oh where did the tiny wheelbarrow and red wagon come from? They are perfect for holding favor bags, snacks or whatever! Such a great tablescape :)

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