Music Themed 1st Birthday Party!

music block themed first birthday party

Music Themed 1st Birthday Party

Bright colors and musical instruments made this first birthday a SMASH HIT! Mint Daisy Design Studio owner Xiomara Roman recently styled this festive + colorful soiree for her son’s first birthday party! Read on for all the details!

music 1st birthday party favors

music 1st birthday party 5

music 1st birthday party

music 1st birthday party treats

music themed cupcake toppers

music 1st birthday party 3

music 1st birthday party table

Xio of Mint Daisy Design Studio:To me a first birthday should be colorful and fun so when planning my son’s first birthday I knew the direction I wanted to take. I got inspired by how much he loved playing his toy instruments and how music always makes him happy. I had seen the music theme done before but I wanted to give it a bright, colorful and modern spin. I chose a blue, green & orange color scheme with splashes of yellow and red. To style the dessert table I used some of William’s favorite toy instruments, a blue letter “W” ( that usually hangs on our playroom’s wall) and some wooden blocks spelling out the word “music.” I love how they give the table that baby-ish feel. We served cupcakes, fruit kabobs, mini brownies garnished with a fresh raspberry, a smash cake, instrument shaped cookies and chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles. We also had  mini snack cups filled with yogurt melts, veggie sticks, fruit puffs and baked goldfish. Cheese cubes on appetizer forks were also served.

The Party was held at a local coffee shop called Cartwheels and Coffee and was the perfect location for the party. It has a modern and bright decor that I just loved. The kids enjoyed an indoor play area, a train table and a dress up area with a little stage. So adorable! We also hired someone to do a little music class and the kids had the chance to play various instruments.

I found some bright colored plastic baskets in the dollar bins at Target and thought they would fit perfect into the color scheme of our party. We filled the baskets with an echo microphone, a tambourine, a flute, mini play dough, bubbles and a homemade guitar crayon. For the babies attending the party we filled some clear cellophane bags with a set of maracas, a tambourine and bubbles. Everyone LOVED their goodie bags! Each child also received an instrument shaped cookie and helium filled balloon at the end of the party.

I loved creating this party for my sweet little boy. Even though he won’t remember it, I still wanted to make it special because I feel so blessed to be his mommy. Plus, we’ll always have the pictures and memories of the great time we had.”


Party Styling and Photography: Mint Daisy Design Studio
Party Printables: Dimple Prints
Instrument shaped cookies: Lori’s Place
Cupcake liners and paper straws: Bake it Pretty
Polka Dot Balloons: Polka Dot Market
Venue: Cartwheels and Coffee

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  1. Well, I guess with this theme, everybody would sing and dance to muzzzic! No excuses. :) Creative one! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. This party is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Would you mind sharing where you forund the green and white polka dot snack cups? I have been looking all over to find something like that for my daughter’s music party.

    Thanks, Sarah

  3. how or where did you do the little tags? thanks!

    1. It looks as if she got them from Dimple Prints. The “Party Printables” link above will take you directly to their site.

  4. what did you put around the little cake??? i just cant stop looking at these pictures….LOVE IT!

    1. I bought jumbo confetti sprinkles and arranged them around the cake. You could probably get them at any craft store on their Wilton section.

  5. Your party looked amazing! I am also having a music themed party for my daughter’s first birthday. I was wondering where you got the instruments and favors for the gift bags. They are adorable.

    1. Hello!
      This is such a fun theme! I am sure your daughter’s party will be adorable. I got the instruments at Party City and the echo microphones are from Target. Hope this helps, good luck!

      1. Hi,

        I love this party – what a great theme. I was looking for some ideas for my son’s 2nd party – he loves to dance and sing so I thought a music theme would be fitting. What did your invitations look like?

      2. Hi,

        I love this party – what a great theme. I was looking for some ideas for my son’s 2nd party – he loves to dance and sing so I thought a music theme would be fitting. What did your invitations look like?

          1. Loved how it turned out! Looks like the birthday girl had a lot of fun! Fantastic job! ; )

          2. Margaret Ann says:

            Cute Sarah! Where did you get the ideas for the food names? Too cute! I need some musical names for the foods I’m using

          3. Thanks Margaret Ann. To be honest, I made the food names up on a whim. Try to think of instruments, music terms, and songs.
            Here are some musical terms that may inspire ideas…

            Piano looking finger sandwiches alternate using white and wheat bread would be cute.
            Good luck!

  6. Could you tell me where you ordered the cellophane bags? They look like the perfect size. Thanks!

  7. I’m doing this theme for my son’s 1st bday, too, for the exact same reasons as you! Thanks for some good ideas! :)

  8. Margaret Ann says:

    LOVE all of this!!! Precious! I’m using your ideas for my baby’s 1st Birthday! Where did you get the mini forks you used for the cheese cubes?

  9. Where did you get the blue/green/white tablecloth?

        1. Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it.

  10. Where did you get the instruments cookies……i love it….im having my sons 1st bday of guitars ….him and my husband love guitars…

    1. Beautiful party decorations!! Where did you get the printables done?

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