Star Wars Birthday Party

Are you looking for Star Wars Birthday Party ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!
Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party

We’re excited to see a themed birthday party done with so many unique details + designs making this a new favorite party! Do your little ones LOVE Star Wars? Check out all the Star Wars Birthday Party details from Noelle & Kerry from Sweet Craft Cakes!

“What 5-year-old boy isn’t fascinated with Star Wars? My son lives and breathes anything Star Wars.  So there was no question what theme we would style for his birthday party. I do have to admit that this was rather challenging for me considering I am not Star Wars savvy. It has been many years since watching the movie. I was very fortunate that my friend Kerry and our husbands came up with fantastic ideas to help me pull it all off.” — Noelle Wall (Birthday Boy’s Mom)

Star Wars Birthday Party IdeasStar Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Isn’t that Star Wars Birthday Party invitation cute? I love it!

Star Wars Birthday Party IdeasStar Wars Birthday Party IdeasStar Wars Birthday Party Ideas
Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

For the invitations, Noelle found an old Star Wars poster online and Photoshopped her son’s head over Luke’s.  To complete the look, she matched the wording to the classic disappearing text from the opening of the movies.

Diving into the Star Wars adventure from the start, each child was given a mission to complete six training levels in order to be knighted Jedi at the final ceremony using medals of honor: custom-made bottle cap necklaces from The Sweetharts Shoppe to match the party printables!

The first mission was to build an R2D2 Unit by assembling paper cutouts Noelle had prepared.  Next up was to earn their Jedi uniforms!  Not only were they ADORABLE, Noelle came up with the clever and easy DIY herself:

“I made the Jedi uniforms with a painter’s drop cloth. I measured my son and cut the drop cloth to the appropriate size for each child. Next I measured around my son’s head and cut out a hole in the center of my fabric to allow for the kids head to fit through. To personalize each Jedi robe, I used the freezer paper stencil technique. We cut out each child’s name on freezer paper with our Cricut. Next we ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric. Then used fabric paint and a foam brush to create their names on the robe.  For the belt I cut nylon rope to tie around their waists.”

The fun didn’t end there!  Once the uniforms were complete, the “action” levels began!

“For level three each Jedi was presented with a (pool noodle) light saber. Then my husband demonstrated the fine art of wielding a light saber. Next we set up an obstacle course for level 4, ‘Endurance’. The Jedi’s had to jump off a step, army crawl around the room and under a table, do a summersault, 5 jumping jacks, zig-zag down the hallway and battle storm trooper balloons. My husband drew on balloons with a sharpie to represent storm troopers. At the end of the course my husband was dressed as Darth Vader and the Jedi’s got to battle him with their light saber. Level six was ‘Battle the Death Star’. I purchased a soccer ball piñata, spray painted it black and grey to achieve the look of the death star. After our Jedi’s completed the 5 level’s in training they all moved on to level six, ‘Graduation’.”

Star Wars Birthday Party Dessert Table & Foods

“There are so many fun colors you can use to create the perfect party scene depending on which Episode of Star Wars you choose to go with.  I decided to use midnight blue, sky blue, black and silver.”

The light sabers and classic movie posters against the black fabric backdrop created a darling display for all of the fun, themed goodies served up– each appropriately named, as Noelle describes:

Space Cakes: My talented friend from Steph’s Confections, made the space cake. It tasted incredibly delicious! She did an excellent job matching the color and theme. The amazingly detailed Star Wars fondant toppers were from Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies… Oh My! Everyone was in complete awe over her attention to detail and creativity.

Wookie Cookies: My favorite cookie gal Linda from Frog Prince Creative Cakes and Cookies made the cookies to match our custom party printables and theme. She definitely captured the characters and images perfectly. Frog Prince cookies are like no other decorated cookie you have ever tasted. Each bite is soft, chewy and absolutely scrumptious. Yummy!

Light Sabers: I made light sabers by using pretzel rods, candy melts and tin foil.

Death Stars: For the death stars I made cake pops and used silver luster to make it look like the death star.

Darth Cheddar (Cheez-its), Princess Lays (potato chips), and Obi-Wan Kabob-ie (fruit kabobs) rounded out the spread, along with Dagobah Swamp Water (bottled water) and Yoda Soda (punch made with 7-Up and lime sherbet).

Star Wars Birthday Party Favors

A Target sale shopper, Noelle found lots of great goodies for each newly knighted Jedi to take home! Each guest took home their Jedi robe, light saber, bottle cap necklace and a goodie bag filled with a Storm Trooper blaster, Star Wars Silly Bandz, Star Wars pencils and magnets, a giant moon bounce ball and color explosions.

I hope you’ve found lots of Star Wars Birthday Party inspiration! Click here for even more kid’s party ideas!

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  1. The force was with you when you were putting this together! Looks amazing and so much fun!

  2. I love this party! It’s confirmation that you can have an amazingly original party, even with a commercialized theme! I hope I can achieve the same level of magnificence with Spiderman! :-)

  3. Hi,
    I am doing my son’s 5th birthday on Jan. 22nd. Can you help me out. How did you do the uniforms? Super cute. I was going to go with the robe route, but there will be about 25 kids, that is entirely too much. Please HELP!

  4. Thank-you so much for posting this we have a little star wars obsessed boy whos birthday is fast approaching and I wanted to throw him a Star wars party but was at a lost where to even start, now after seeing your great party I can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas I can’t wait to start trying them out. xx

  5. Brilliant stuff here! Wish I could’ve read this a few years back; makes me sad my boys are growing up so fast. But we still have annual SW parties, for our entire family takes great pride in our nerdiness! :P Since my boys are growing taller, we’ve opted to go with these cheap-yet-awesome looking sabers – thought fellow parents on a budget would appreciate:

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Thanks again, Pizzazzerie!

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