Host a Holiday Movie Night Party!

Want to host a holiday movie night party? You’ve come to the right place!

How to host a fabulous holiday movie party!! #nitebites

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the holiday season is to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies! Elf, The Christmas Story, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Christmas Vacation, I could go on!

There is nothing like curling up in front of the TV to watch holiday movies on repeat, right? Why not invite your friends over and host a holiday movie night party! This one is perfect for the kids. I’m excited to share a few simple tips to setting up your table so it’s cute and easy. Movie night just got a lot more fun…!

My goal is to show you a creative way to set up a party table because so often we just raid the chip bag and plop down. Enough of that! Late night snacking is way more fun with some pizzazz.

One of my own favorite late night snacks is cereal! Serving up Kellogg’s® Cereal for holiday movie nights is my new favorite! Here are my top tips for styling the party table…


  • Set up a milk and cereal setting for each guest. They can grab it and go sit in front of the television for the movie! Or stick with the classic sweet and salty movie night snacks like this board!
  • Use something easy to carry (like shallow red buckets or sturdy trays).
  • Fill with like white paper shred (it resembles snow!).
  • Place a variety of Kellogg’s® Cereal for each guest to enjoy! Fill small cellophane bags with each cereal. Also include little milk jars (hint: store-bought coffee drinks often come in glass jars that you can wash out to use) and tie on a spoon and festive straw!
  • Set out bowls for each guest and of course holiday movies and more cereal!
  • Be sure to have a variety of holiday movies for all ages! Better yet, let the kids watch their favorite before bed and pick the adult favorite for later!
  • Send guests home with little cereal favor bags! Play holiday movie trivia and let the winner take home a movie. Make it fun!
Host a holiday movie night! Tips + cute ideas! #nitebites
How to host a Christmas movie party! Cute ideas for individual milk and cereal settings! #nitebites
Host a holiday movie party with cereal snacks! #nitebites
Host a holiday movie party with cereal snacks! #nitebites

Who’s ready for a holiday movie marathon now? I hope you’ve seen that Kellogg’s® Cereal isn’t just for breakfast! Serve up your favorites for some late night snacking in a cute and festive party that the whole family can enjoy.

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  1. Susie gray says:

    Can’t ewait to make snacks and hot cocoa while in our pajamas!

  2. Kathy Strength says:

    I love eating Fruit Loops with my grandchildren.

  3. Patricia Haupt says:

    We love to have cereal for supper when the grandchildren are over. My grandson, especially loves Kashi Cinnamon Crumble. Who would have thought?!

  4. James Katkus says:

    I wish we had grand-kids to share this great idea! Most of our friends are in their 60’s and have their own grand-kids to share this with. I guess it will just have to be the wife and I enjoying a movie and cereal night.

  5. We love watching movies and eating cereal. I would host a party like that on a cold Saturday Night with a few friends. Our drinks would be hot chocolate hot coffee and milk. I would serve different cereals some sweet and some not so sweet. I would love to be part of this.

  6. Nothing beats a good movie with your family, kelloggs cereal, milk, chocolate, marshmallows, etc.

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