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If you follow our Facebook Page, you know I just got a puppy this summer (Henry). I am a huge dog person, so this PINK PUPPY PAWTY designed by Pink Peppermint Paper just spoke to my heart! It oozes cuteness – the tennis ball topiary?! Kelly + I just died, so cute! From the “sWAG” bag favors to the clever “frisbee plates”, every detail of this party is absolutely PAWFECT!

Eleanor of Pink Peppermint Paper shared the story of her idea for a PUPPY PAWTY

“For over a year, my kids have waited (sort of) patiently for a puppy. When we welcomed our yellow lab pup, Buttercup, into our home, it seemed like a great excuse to pawty! We invited neighborhood friends over after school one Friday for snacks. I hand delivered the invitations. Guests were invited to come “smooch our new pooch” and asked to respond to “the alpha female.”

It was a beautiful late summer day, so we set up tables in the back yard. The kids used pink and green frisbees as plates and drank from fun bone-shaped straw sippers. I made tags for everyone’s cup so we could keep up with whose drink was whose. Inside, we had all the pawty food set up.

To celebrate our little blonde butterball, we served Butterscotch Blondies and Puppy Chow, that yummy mix with Crispex, chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar.  And for a little something salty, we had Cheese Nips and Buttered Popcorn. I made some super sweet and completely addictive Lemon Bark and tried my hand and cake pops, or Cake Pups, as we called them. We also had Butter Cookies, and since my son is named Reese, I set out a bowl of Reese’s Peanut Buttercups!
We served sparkling lemonade, and parents got the pupped-up green paw print cups. Our pawty playlist included fun themed songs like George Clinton’s Atomic Dog and The Foundations’ Build Me Up, Buttercup. Our sweet friends brought the puppy new treats and toys, which had Buttercup busy and on her best behavior.

Everyone had a great time chasing and being chased. When guests left, they each took home a frisbee plate, bone cup, an XL bone cookie and a doggie bag of assorted goodies for their own pooches–a sWAG bag!

Designed + Styled by Pink Peppermint Paper

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  1. Thanks for featuring our little butterball’s pawty, ladies! This was a fun one for me!

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is just DARLING! I love it, Eleanor! Especially the tennis ball topiary! Is it just a huge tennis ball? WHERE did you find such cuteness?

      1. Thanks! The topiary was made using a ball from the toy section at WalMart. :)

  2. Jrzgirl71 says:

    Where did you buy the Bone Sippy Cups, they are adorable??!!

    1. I honestly can’t remember where I got those bone cups. I found them through Google though for about $1 each by searching “bone sipper cup.” Hope this helps!

  3. Do those sippy bone cups open? Or is it just a little hole?

    1. Hi Airy! You will want to shoot an email over to the gal listed in the credits above as she designed this party + will know the answer to your question.

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