QUIZ: What’s Your Party Planning Style?

quiz party planning

One thing you probably already know about yourself- you love planning parties! But, what works best for you when putting together your fave festivities? Take this quiz to find out!

1. You’re off to the grocery store; what do you bring with you?

A. A detailed list of everything you need and coupons you’ve clipped the day before

B. A brand new recipe you just can’t wait to try- with your own special twist

C. Nothing. You’ll figure out what you need when you get there

2.  It’s Saturday night and you’re going out on the town! What are you wearing?

A. The perfect black dress, which you purchased weeks ago for this exact occasion

B. A super cool top and skirt, which you designed yourself

C. Whatever is clean and accessible at the moment

3.   Amongst your friends, you can always be counted on to…

A. Be on time and know exactly where the group is going and how to get there

B. Have some crazy but fun idea for doing something you’ve never done before

C. Go with the flow and keep everyone relaxed

4. You finally have a free weekend afternoon; what do you do with it?

A. Organize your closet and maybe do some cleaning around the house

B. Look through the newspaper to see if anything interesting is happening in town that day

C. Catch up on your sleep and watch some old movies

5.   It’s your birthday! What do you want to do?

A. You’ll be going on that fabulous vacation you arranged 6 months ago to celebrate

B. You’re up for anything! As long as it involves going someplace you have never been

C. It’s my birthday….?

If you answered:

Mostly ‘A’s: You are a Planning Patty! Everything from the first invite sent to the last dessert served at your parties is carefully planned and no detail is overlooked. You love starting your arrangements early and carrying them out with perfect precision-your affairs are always pristine and entirely entertaining!

Mostly ‘B’s: You are a Creative Christy! You don’t mind how your party is planned, as long as your guests are saying, “Wow! I’ve never seen that before!”. You thrive on thinking of new, interesting ways to celebrate and your events are always unique and divinely different!

Mostly ‘C’s: You are a Relaxed Rachel! Party planning? What’s this about “plan” you think? You’re style is laid back and last minute, leaving more to fate than to forethought. You are confident that everything will work out and it usually does! Your parties are always exciting and supremely surprising!


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