6 Mint Julep Recipes with a TWIST!

6 Mint Julep Recipes with a TWIST!

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I know. I’m really freaking pregnant and talking about alcohol. Since I can’t drink it, I’m at least going to talk about it, gosh darn it! That and share gorgeous pictures of mint juleps with you because as luck would have it, #babypizzazzerie is due on DERBY DAY! That’s right, the Kentucky Derby is May 3rd this year and that’s my due date. Now I know that the statistics show that I’m unlikely to actually deliver on my due date, but hey – I like that it’s a fabulous reason to celebrate…

  1. Strawberrry Moonshine Mint Julep (Saveur)
  2. Lavender Mint Juleps (Pizzazzerie) – includes a free printable recipe card!
  3. Sparkling Blackberry Mint Julep (Creative Culinary)
  4. Ginger-Mint Juleps with Fresh Pineapple (The Kitchn)
  5. Blood Orange Mint Juleps (Climbing Grier Mountain)
  6. Classic Mint Julep (Babble)

Back to baby, did YOU deliver on your due date? Before? After? Leave me a note below, especially if it was before because I’ll love you more…

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  1. Hi, I delievered 2 weeks after my due date my little guy didn’t want to leave his comfy womb. The nurse at my clinic told me that for first time moms they usually always deliver to 2 weeks after or before the due date.
    P.S My family had a real fun idea they did a pool on when I was going to give birth $20 per person it was very exciting and funny it also helped me relax and enjoy the last days of my pregnancy. Good luck

  2. Lora Anne M says:

    Being a KY girl I love the Derby Day due date!! And the tribute to mint juleps :-) Yay for bourbon As far as delivery question, I unfortunately delivered 5 weeks early but his development was behind that at 32 weeks development. He spent some time in NICU followed by 3 months of quarantine. It was sooooo hard. He is 3 and doing wonderful. You keep cooking that baby as long as you can!!

  3. Nicole Seeley says:


    I have two little boys – with my first (who is now 10) I delivered him one day prior to his due date. It was literally everything they said that almost never happened. I was scheduled to go into the hospital the next morning at 8a and must earlier that morning (about 230a) I was laying in bed and just felt off. I got up to use the bathroom and remembered feeling like pee was coming out but I wasn’t peeing. I did this two more times and then when I got back into bed after the third time I felt this massive gush. My water broke but being middle of the night and a bit out of sorts I looked over at my non ex-husband and said I think I peed the bed. He of course saw how much liquid came out and me and said – no I don’t think so. I was so distraught I said – no I think I peed the bed – smell it, smell it so he bent down and smelled it and said – nope, pretty sure your water broke as no human could produce that much pee.

    My second son (who is 5 months) was late by a couple of days. He was due November 2 and even though I had two prior sweeps to try and get him to come, he was just too comfy. Finally they induced me on November 4 and as luck would have it, just as we arrived at the hospital, my water broke – lol!

    Good luck making it through these last couple of weeks! These were the worst but try to enjoy the last bit of alone time you will have for a long time!

  4. Dear Courtney:
    Both of my kids were born perfectly healthy at 38 weeks.
    I send you lots of luck!!!!!!

  5. One of each. My daughter (1st baby) was five days late and the 2nd (boy) was 2 weeks early. My best advice is to remember that EDD has “estimated” in it and try not to obsess. Treat yourself to dinner or something that night and realize that you still might have a week or two left.

    If you’d really like to do Derby parties– more the reason for her to be late! Postpartum partying isn’t all it is cracked up to be :)

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