My Baby Must-Haves 2021

baby girl on a pello baby pillow

I’m often asked about my very baby must-haves and products. Here are my top favorites for Ivy. We used many of these with Blakely when she was a baby as well.

baby swing, light grey

This Fisher Price Baby Swing is an absolute LIFE-SAVER. We have used our swing with both babies, and it is truly the reason I’m able to get anything done some days. I know there are fancier, more expensive swings out there (we’ve tried some) but THIS swing is the winner in my book!

grey baby bassinet with hood

There are so many bassinets on the market, but this Serta Bassinet is the winner for us! We tried the Snoo (rental) and shipped it right back. We love this Serta because it has a little cover which blocks out light/distractions. It has wheels for easy maneuvering beside the bed or room-to-room. I love the little storage area below for diapers/blankets.

pink baby pillow with handles

We love the Pello Lounger! It promotes muscle development, and it’s easy washable. We take it all around the house for tummy time, relaxing and playing.

baby activity center

This Skip Hop Explore Activity Center is Ivy’s favorite! I love that it’s not gigantic, it fits nicely in the corner of our kitchen. She can spin around and play with all the elements of it, and it converts to a play table as she gets bigger.

best baby portable sound machine

This Sound Machine is a God-send! It’s portable and we use it every nap and nighttime. The white noise helps block out all the noise in our house (two dogs and a talkative older sis) while she sleeps soundly!

baby magnetic outfit with zebras

Magnetic Baby Footie Pajamas! Trust me! When you’re so exhausted in the middle of the night (or day!) the last thing you want to do is fuss with snaps. These are magnetic and take 2 seconds to close up. We adore this Magnetic-Me brand!

baby infant hairbows

I get lots of questions about the best bow for babies. I’ve ordered so many off Amazon. Right now, these little velvet bows (thanks to @megluxe for the recommendation) are my favorite! (I love THESE for Blakely, however)

More Baby Must-Haves:

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