Planning a Baby Shower? Start Here!

Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie shares tips for planning a baby shower from start to finish!So you’re planning a baby shower for a lucky mom-to-be? You’ve come to the right place! While we’ve shared dozens of darling baby showers over the years, I wanted to go back to the basics for a bit! Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when you have a full baby shower to plan. Themes? Invites? Food? Cute decorations? It can be a lot, but don’t worry! I’m breaking it down for you step-by-step!

Before I start planning a baby shower, I always have a little chat with the mom-to-be. Many moms have envisions of a theme they have always loved or particular colors they love (or are using for the nursery).

For instance, I’m helping host a baby shower for a couple who has chosen a fun “adventure” theme for the nursery so we’re carrying it out for the shower as well. On the other hand, some moms will not have opinions and leave it all up to you. That’s okay too!


Whether you’re selecting a specific theme or just a general “baby shower” celebration, now is the time to pick out invitations. The earlier you get these in the mail the better.

Find an invite that matches your theme or general look and feel for the party. If you’re having trouble deciding on a theme, browsing invitations can really spark lots of neat ideas. It’s easy to take an invitation and design the party around the colors and patterns used in the invite. My favorite place to find invites? Minted! Truly, they have so many darling invites! Here are a few of my favorites!

BABYQ Baby Shower Invitation

I’m co-hosting a shower next week with this exact BABY-Q invitation!

baby shower book invitation

I love this sweet book-themed invite! (See here for more book-themed baby shower ideas!)

Floral Baby Shower Invitation

I adore this floral invite with gold foil!


Now is the time to gather together a few party decor items and make a menu. Here are a few ideas for baby shower party foods! You want to be sure you give yourself plenty of time because of shipping times (if something is ordered online). So browse Pinterest (P.S. I have a baby shower board for ideas), create a board with your own ideas specific to this baby shower so it’s all in one place. I usually buy plates, napkins, cups, and all other party decor around this time, once I’ve decided on my theme.


If the shower is at a house (or at a location where you are able to decorate in advance), I always like to set up my table with trays, plates, etc. This helps you see if you’re missing anything and how it is all looking! I put out cake stands and trays where food will go and beverage dispensers where drinks will go. I go ahead and do everything I can except for food. If you really want to be organized, you can place little sticky notes labeling the food and where it will go on the table! I also hang any banners or garlands (why not, it’s one less thing to do at the end).

I also like to create any paper elements about a week out since I’ve usually finalized the food and beverages. Sometimes I order them online (Minted has some of these too) and sometimes I just make them myself on my computer and print on¬†this thick paper.


Now is the time to gather all the groceries needed or pick up any ordered food. Ordered a cake? Ask if you can get it the day before. Anything you can do in advance will be a lifesaver. If you’re using flowers, now is the time to get those as well. You can either put them in the refrigerator if you have room or go ahead and place in vases. Be sure to refresh the water on the day of the party. If any recipes require preparation the day before, go ahead and get that done!


Be sure you’re dressed and ready to go at least a couple of hours before the party because last-minute hiccups will happen. Also, guests might show up early so it’s best to be ready early. I also like to take this time to gather a few extra boxes or large bags into a back room that I’ll use after the shower to help the mom-to-be take home all her gifts.

Turn on some light music (not too loud) in the background, turn on lamp lights and/or light candles. Check the heating/air so it’s comfortable for guests. These may seem like obvious reminders, but if you’ve ever been to a party where it’s a billion degrees or you can’t even hear people talking over the music, you know what I mean.

Always greet your guests at the door. Even if you don’t know every single¬†party guest (often the case with a baby shower), welcome them in to the shower, introduce yourself, and steer them towards the drinks and food. It’s the worst feeling to wander into a shower where you might not know anyone but the mom-to-be (who is likely busy with lots of attention). So be a gracious hostess to all!

There we have it! I hope this quick guide helped break down baby showers for you so it’s not quite so overwhelming when you find yourself hosting a shower. Enjoy the process and take lots of pictures at the shower! Mom-to-be will thank you!


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