The Happy List 11/16

Add vinyl to a coffee cooler! Ahh, I know. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a Happy List. I’m not sure how it actually happened but I’ve been out of town for almost 3 weeks. British Columbia –> Cabo –> Napa –> Richmond –> West Virginia –> HOME! Whew. So things have been hectic while traveling and wrapping up the Pizzazzerie book. Y’all, this book is my heart and soul, and I cannot wait to get it into your hands. I hope it inspires memorable celebrations for years to come. Back to the happy list…I hope a few of these make you happy too!

  • Fairy Lights make me happy. I have them twirling around my computer base on my desk. I want to string them up everywhere!
  • These Christmas cupcakes are so cute!
  • I’ve been gifting these cute Orca Cooler chasers (Nashville based, hooray!) and adding vinyl to them with this bad boy! ┬áSee the pic above for my latest!

Pretty Paper Lantern Wall

  • These darling paper lanterns put the finishing touch on this corner of Blakely’s room. She LOVES them just as much as I do! Under the Paper Lantern is my go-to for these lanterns! Bookmark it!
  • Hosting a little gingerbread house tea party with my Mom this year and we got these invites (if you hit more colors, you can select pink and it’s darling)!
  • Feeling crafty? These are the cutest little gifts to make!
  • This Friendsgiving party makes me happy!
  • I got to see this in action in Napa. Can’t WAIT to try it at home.
  • Throw blanket goals.
  • Considering how the holidays oftentimes involve adding lots of “stuff” to our lives (see bullet above, oops), following this will be my New Year’s Resolution.
  • Making these for dinner STAT.

Cheers, friends!

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